Mark Krull, on Rt. 55 Blog, speaks out about his concerns with local Democrats

My good friend Mark Krull, very hard-core, apologetically liberal Democrat, expresses concerns over Magazzu’s party.

Back to our politics… I see that Rev Dunkins is not running for Freeholder

but a woman named Carol Masso will be running. She seems to be an insider with the party. I know little about her. I wished that Jane Jennerone had dropped out instead since she has been embarrassing. She has been the bad cop for big Lou. I did notice that Mr. Magazzu is STILL running the party as this statement leads me to believe.

“Cumberland County residents have received the short end of the stick from the Trenton Republicans,” said Cumberland County Democratic Chairman Lou Magazzu, in a statement announcing his party’s county slate in the upcoming November elections. So I guess Lou is not “gone” like I was told by a Democratic insider last month.

Mark also touches on the Pab Sungenis fiasco, which seems to be spreading across the blogging world like wildfire. It makes me wonder when and if the local media will pick up this story?


One Response to Mark Krull, on Rt. 55 Blog, speaks out about his concerns with local Democrats

  1. new2cumberland says:

    So Mr. Maguzzu gives contracts to Camden County firms as routine policy, but it is all Trenton Republicans fault/responsibility? Is Mr Maguzzu aware that his party controls the Senate & Assembly in NJ? I’m not exactly a fan of either party(registered democrat). Maybe the only thing Maguzzu is out of is his mind. What he puts forth is a specious argument @ best.

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