Pab Sungenis on Lou Magazzu & the Mystery of the Purloined Petition

On his blog yesterday, Pab Sungenis came out with the whole story behind his purloined petition.

It looks like some remarks that I made have set off a shitstorm. Not what I intended, but maybe something that needed to happen. So let me talk here for a bit and try to set the record completely straight.

In his rant, he confirms many of the key facts posted here.

Then something stupid happened, the kind of stuff you would think went out during high school elections.

After my speech, as the meeting was breaking up, I went to collect my petition.

The petition was there, but the signature pages had been removed.

He also makes some comments about the leadership of the CCDO, in particular Lou Magazzu.

This is also (in my not so humble opinion) one of the reasons that the chairman always calls this endorsement meeting so late in the game.

He is referring to the date and time selected for the Democratic Committee to endorse candidates. On this blog, we have repeatedly pointed out Lou’s reputation for “Midnight Votes”. It is good to see another insider, one that is not afraid to identify himself, speak up and corroborate this opinion.

This infraction, the theft of a petition, is serious. If Van Drew or his people were at that meeting, he does have a responsibility to address the issue, and endorse a serious investigation. The same goes for Magazzu, as the face and voice of the CCDO.

Pab then makes reference to MWatch, stating:

Well, it looks like someone who read my letting off steam tipped off an Anti-Democrat website here in Cumberland County, and they’re running with the story.

Pab, this site is not “Anti-Democrat”. It is “anti- Lou Magazzu’s totalitarian rule of the local party”, as the founders and contributors all detest his brand of dirty politics. We believe Cumberland County can do better. The incident that happened to you simply reinforces the fact that the county Democratic party needs new leadership and a renewed sense of integrity. How about Bob Balicki, or a Bill Whelan minus his personal “Wormtongue” whispering in his ear, as party head?

This site is also not “Republican”. It was founded by three persons several years ago. I was one of the three, and the only one that is willing to go public with my identity. There is a real and justified fear of retribution to any Democrat that would raise their voice against Magazzu. I am the only Republican administrator on this site, although I am the most vocal.

The other two founders are hard-core, life-long Democrats. I can almost guarantee they will vote for Van Drew unless something really dirty ever surfaced, which I don’t believe could happen. Van Drew may be a dirty political player, but he is certainly above scrutiny in his personal life.

Of the contributors to this blog, I don’t know the affiliation or even identity of most. I do, of some – and EVERY ONE without exception is hard-core Dem. Many are people that served in various public positions. I will allow them to identify themselves in their own time.

This forum is open for all to contribute, regardless of affiliation -as long as they abide by a few simple rules. Sometimes secrets and inside information has to be revealed in order to weed out chaos and to contribute to a healthy political debate and a viable, honest slate of candidates.

In closing, I encourage everyone to read Pab’s blog post. It is lengthy and informative. He even has a link to the petition to get him on the primary. It is bad enough that many Republicans, who claim less government in our lives, turn their back on the gay community and often sponsor legislation to interfere with gays that simply want equal rights. It is worse when Democrats refuse to take action.

3 Responses to Pab Sungenis on Lou Magazzu & the Mystery of the Purloined Petition

  1. WuLi says:

    I should also clarify one other point – since two blogs have mistakenly assumed that I accused Magazzu and Van Drew of stealing Pab’s petition, the fault lay in my poor choice of words.

    I don’t think that Van Drew had anything to do with the purloined petition. I do think, however, as the major candidate and standard bearer for the local party, he has an imperative to speak up.

    I didn’t state that Lou stole the petition. However, it would not surprise me in the least to discover that the marching orders came from him, or were at the very least given the wink of approval.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Maybe the other Dems will be voting for Van Drew but this Dem will not. If Pab is on the ballot, I will consider him. If not, I will consider the Rs. Van Drew is not worthy of re-election. He is a panderer who takes issues-oriented Dems for granted. He does not deserve our vote. Pab, I don’t think there will be any problem getting 200 sigs by the May deadline. Furthermore, you may have no money but you do have some support in the blogosphere and that counts for something. Hang in there.

  3. baba says:

    Sorry Pab but you don’t have what it takes for this election. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lou knows how to steer the meeting and it is clear that you didn’t fit the mold. Your “opinions” were very Christy like and critical of the same old Dem attitude. Your petition getting “lost” is obviously no accident but don’t let Lou’s bad manners make you think that you are endorsed by all. The R’s , again. shoot themselves in the foot by failing to front strong candidates. Why do they do that? It’s like both parties want to lose because whoever wins will be responsible for delivering the pain to society in the next few years. Maybe we need 2 independents to run. they could be swing votes on every issue and wouldn’t be subject to Lou’s demands. Are there 2 good men or women out there?

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