Has Magazzu “voluntarily foreited” his health benefits?

The Daily Journal buried this at the bottom of an unrelated article.

• In other action Tuesday, the board unanimously approved a resolution proclaiming April 27 as a countywide No Bullying Day. It also approved a resolution to request freeholders and non-tenured/ non-contract appointed officials to voluntarily forfeit health benefits as of June 1.

The freeholders bravely and unanimously supported a feel-good resolution that serves no useful purpose. It would have been preferable if they had instead spent more time debating the other useless resolution asking that the freeholders and a few other appointed officials “voluntarily forfeit health benefits”. No teeth, no balls. It is estimated that the health benefits cost taxpayers around $20,000 per recipient. Thankfully Fiocchi and Kirstein saw this resolution as the crock it is, and voted against it.

Both Lou Magazzu and Jane Jannarone allegedly own their own businesses. Their businesses should be paying for their health benefits, not county taxpayers. Period!  The job of freeholder is a part-time position, and they are public servants. They are supposed to be serving the county taxpayers, not personally enriching themselves.

Their actions reek of pure cowardice. It s well beyond time that they stand up and take definitive action, and do way with political welfare. This is especially egregious to small business owners in the county that don’t qualify as part-time elected officials for these freebies, and cannot afford the $8,000 a year that basic no-frills insurance that covers nothing would set them back.  But to paraphrase George Orwell, “Some pigs are more equal than others…”


3 Responses to Has Magazzu “voluntarily foreited” his health benefits?

  1. ??????? says:

    Will Louie be banned from the county on April 27th?
    After all isn’t he the political bully?
    He really voted for this one with a straight face?

  2. Nothing will never change in this county. Some 40 years ago when a group of Jaycees became the rulers first of Bridgeton then the County.there thinking was be poor and the State would take care of you. Put a lot of down town and surrounding areas in the historic district again the state will give you moore money. Make sure the school distrect get abbott funding ,moore money from the state. Oh and make sure you spend all the money so next year you get even moore money. Here’s a better one the ccia is connected to the electric grid. They have generators running on methane gases which produce electricity.the only thing is they have it hooked up so none of that eletric dosen’t goes to run that facility. So they have an electric bill every month.if you live in Deerfield township you can not go solor because there is no moore room on the grid . If the ccia would have used that electric to run that facility there would be room.GREED on the back of the tax payers.this should be looked into and open up the grid for the tax payers who want to get on.

  3. baba says:

    The grid is controlled by a monopoly. Why would the monopoly want too many customers switching them off? The feel good plans are pain to the monopoly, they want to sell you power , not buy it from you. The only viable answer for individuals is to buy and install their own panels. Make the panels cost less and free enterprise will take over. keep the cost high and make every decision a governmental issue and all of the free market benefit will be sapped. If you want a utility grade installation you still need to pay the piper because you are competing with the established monopoly. In that case find a business that can use the energy and build for them.

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