Why Fran Reilly won’t run for office

This was in today’s Ben Column, and was so good I had to share it. If you are wondering why I would post it here, it is appropriate. Read it and chuckle!

“Thanks for the kind words, but below are my Top Ten reasons for not running for freeholder:
10. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I would never want to represent an electorate dumb enough to vote for me.
9. I’d have to campaign, and I hate chicken.
8. Six p.m. freeholder meetings would force me to miss my Golden Girls re-runs.
7. I’d lose credibility with my business clients, who wouldn’t believe me any more than they believe any other politician.
6. Intruding paparazzi would force me to give up nude sunbathing.
5. My ex-wives might want dibs on the $15K a year.
4. With Obama’s energy policy, or lack thereof, I can’t afford to drive to Bridgeton once a week.
3. I’d actually have to deal with Bob Greco.
2. I promised my mother.
“And my No. 1 reason for not running for freeholder: People might mistake me for Lou Magazzu.’’
— Fran Reilly

7 Responses to Why Fran Reilly won’t run for office

  1. baba says:

    The real reasons,

    5. Too many skeletons in the closet
    4. Too many questionable clients
    3. Too much partisan politics
    4. Too snarky
    5. No ethics

  2. ??????? says:

    1. He is Louie’s sleazy sidekick.
    2. The Republicans do not trust him.
    3. He has written that Cumberland County is a Banana Republic.
    4. Given a choice between lining his pocket and helping his fellow man, he will line his pocket everytime.
    5.His public positions have only been to resume build and make money for himself.

  3. I like #5 by ??????? Says.

  4. ??????? says:

    He is the one who created “The Vineland Man Of The Year” just for Magazzu. It was only presented once. That got him appointed to the Cumberland County College Board of Trustees by Magazzu. More connections for making himself money.

  5. tom rabbit says:

    What is going on with this web site? No updates in weeks. DD someone get arrested? I got the bail money I need this site. It’s the only truth in Cumberland county. U can’t trust the News it a rag for the left. IE Bridgeton has lost a bank, DMV,social services, and now a IGA super market. But the city Government is doing a banner job. They bid a trash contract and leave out the tipping fees so the residents feel they did good but the fee remained the same. Lou and Kelly don’t see eye to eye but both want to bankrupt the city to get more aid throught tricounty. Is that profiting from your office?

  6. WuLi says:

    Unfortunately, Louie has been out of the news lately. However, I understand that he IS planning on sticking around – and for one reason only – to spite me!

  7. baba says:

    Did Lous business fail?

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