Jannarone drops out

Jane Jannarone announced that she was dropping out of the race for Freeholder, after being guaranteed a slot in a local party that apparently nobody wants to be apart of. Dunkins was the first incumbent to announce he wouldn’t be running for re-election this year. Reverend Dunkins cited family and church expansion as priorities and reason for not running again. I didn’t always agree with him, but I believe he stood up for his own principles more often than Lou’s other sheep, such as Jannarone:

Jannarone, 55, was a candidate in Tuesday’s primary. She was guaranteed a spot on the November ballot, since only three Democrats sought three nominations.

Jannarone said in her letter and a phone interview Tuesday evening she wanted to devote more time to her family, her business and her volunteer endeavors.

Democratic Party Chairman Louis Magazzu could not be reached Tuesday evening.

I suppose one of Jane’s reasons for not running could not have anything to do with karma, her evil and twisted negative campaign last year, and a certain restraining order…

The Democrats have two potentially decent candidates. Carol Musso is well-known and respected. What she is doing tied up with Magazzu in politics is beyond me – that is a deal with the devil. Whelan is the incumbent that I had most hope for – and proved by his actions to have absolutely no backbone whatsoever, kowtowing to Lou’s every whim it seems. We will see how well Lou’s army does this November – and get ready for filthy politics because you know that with Lou at the helm, this race will be dragged into septic depths.


13 Responses to Jannarone drops out

  1. ??????? says:

    Jannarone did not want to run. Magazzu tried to keep Musso off the ticket. When Dunkins pulled out at the last minute, there were no one willing to fiil the spot. Lou adjourned the meeting when Musso was nominated, so he could find someone else. He and Musso are bitter enemies. Jannarone stayed on the ballot to get through the primary. It was common knowledgwe that she was going to bail out. Magazzu wanted to keep her as his last ally on the freeholder board.
    The dems must reorganize in the next week. Magazzu was given the so called prsige appointments so he can save face. He is under intenese pressure to resign as county chair. His replacement will be put in place at the reorg. meeting. Expect to shee Sweeney there to make sure Lou steps down. Just like Sweeney showed to make sure Magazzu stepped down as director.
    No one ever trusts anything Magazzu says.
    The dems a desparate to find a replacement on the ticket. Everyone sa far, has turned them down. With the terrible budget situation, loss of UAW support,
    the smart dems are staying out this round.

  2. Happy Camper says:

    With Jannarone gone as a freeholder (by next year) and with the possibility of Magazzu gone shortly as party chairman (as poster above notes), living and working in Cumberland County could actually be good again. We are talking about two people, and one in particular (LM), who have done serious damage to many individuals and the county as a whole. Good riddance!

  3. Calhoun says:

    Once again Lou and Jame corrupt the process. By announcing (one %^&&^^%!! day!) after the primary election, Jane guarantees that the party establishment — and not the voters — will determine who will represent the Democrats in the general election in November. She should have announced earlier so others could have thought about running in the primary (incumbents are rarely challenged in primaries in either party). Whelan is always talking about “respecting the process” at the freeholder meetings. Well Bill, having one of your candidates withdraw one day after the primary is not respecting the process. It is exactly the opposite.

    I too keep hearing that Lou’s reign as party chair for Cumberland County is coming to an end. I will believe it when I see it, as I have heard too much about him that has never come true.

  4. mumbles says:

    I wouldn’t blame Whelan for the bad acts of Lou and Jane. Bill is trying to actually help the county get through this depression. He can’t afford to get embroiled in the Magoo Zoo. On a better note, now the regular Dems will be able to raise money for the election (what with the baggage being dropped and all). I also wouldn’t praise Dunkhead too much either. He dropped out on the same day he was supposed to accept the nomination. Sounded a lot like he wasn’t up for the fight and bailed for selfish reasons.

  5. ??????? says:

    Jannarone is flat out lying. She did not want to be on the ballot for the primary.
    Magazzu thought he could keep her by having the nomination meeting too late to replace her. It backfired with Dunkins pulling out. She stayed on just to allow Magazzu & Co. to try to hand pick her replacement. So far, they have no takers.

  6. Calhoun says:

    No one’s blaming Bill for the acts of Lou and Jane. Some of us are critical of Bill’s own actions, which include heaping praise on Lou on numerous occasions and never standing up to him during meetings. Maybe Whelan is working behind the scenes to get Lou dumped, but it would have been nice if he had been a little more vocal in public regarding some of the things Lou did, especially at freeholder meetings. Bill, like all the other D freeholders (save for Dunkins to some extent), was an enabler of Lou, and I do blame Whelan for that.

  7. WuLi says:

    Well, I can say that both Whelan and Dunkins were disappointing in a recent vote where they voted according to Lou’s dictate in order to help him effect political retribution. Dunkins KNOWS that “vengeance is mine, saith the lord” and he refused to do the Christian thing and helped Lou exact vengeance. And Whelan, willing little puppy, went along for the ride.

  8. new2cumberland says:


    What political retribution? I usually see very little in the papers @ the freeholder meetings or any city council meetings(Vineland, Millville or Bridgeton) Just that ridiculous BEN column, which I wouldn’t consider reporting—I don’t know how to categorize that mess exactly. If not too off topic could you please elaborate on that particular vote?

  9. mumbles says:

    Was that the vote to kill baby seals? I thought that was entirely un called for.

  10. mumbles says:

    Was that the vote to kill baby seals? I thought that was entirely un called for.

    It’s a sad day when Jane steals the headline from Lou and Fran.

  11. WuLi says:

    New2 – it was a vote that would fly under everyone’s radar – just procedural stuff. It really affects nothing other than is Lou’s way of thumbing his nose at me, affecting the appointment of a certain unscrupulous individual. Funny thing, this guy’s own party wanted to deny the appointment – the ONLY appointment that was disputed – and the other party supported him, solely because Louie thinks it is getting back at me in some sort of twisted way. me? I could not really care less, as this person will be having ethics complaints filed against him in the near future.

  12. new2cumberland says:


    Ok-thnx for the info. I guess something like that wouldn’t be in the paper anyway. Though I stand by my earlier comment that that paper is just a hot mess anyway.
    Thnx too for sitting through those meetings..ugh the boredom must have levels like Dante’s inferno…..

  13. Demo Joe says:

    Souds like the perfect opportunity for Don Olbrich to step up and leave the job that he has no qualifications and try to step back in the Democratic Machine, Of course, that is how he got the job………………

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