Breaking News! Lou Magazzu steps aside as chair.

I have just heard that Lou Magazzu is stepping down as chair of the Cumberland county Democratic Party. I suppose this will save him the embarrassment of not being nominated or selected during their biannual reorganization.


4 Responses to Breaking News! Lou Magazzu steps aside as chair.

  1. Idiots Rule says:

    Does anyone have any clue who Tiger Jackson of San Antonio TX is?

  2. Calhoun says:

    Yay! In most cases it’s three strikes and you’re out. However, with Lou it’s three strikes and we’re in (the clear)! Strike one was his stepping down as freeholder director. His stepping down as CCDO will be strike two. His eventual leaving of the freeholder board will be strike three. The unaswered question, is what, if anything, is being done behind the scenes to set him up for his post political life? Let’s hope not, but this warrants watching. I bet something is up. Go over to the Cumberland County Ds’ website and read all the press releases Lou has been having the county release, lately. These would seem to be aimed at polishing his image.

    Lou’s terribly slow leaving of the political scene does leave one thing unanswered: when can we have a huge celebration? Does it have to wait until he leaves the freeholder board or can we celebrate once he has officially stepped down as D county party chair? I am hoping for the latter; I want (need) a drink. And it needs to be a stiff drink — none of that Hopewell Twp. wine crapola someone wrote about. Hey Carl, once the official annoucement is made, maybe you could at least adorn the website with some balloons and champagne bottles and glasses?

    It is also worth noting that some bad eggs (Kelly, Sweeney, Van Drew) no doubt helped expedite Lou’s departure (assuming the rumor is true), and they still bear watching, if not here at least somewhere else.

  3. Big Mack Daddy says:

    We were fortunate to have Lou for the good he did for this county and his knowledge which probably no freeholder today can really match. it’s time to pass the baton over to someone new with less of a bully it’s my way or the highway attitude. Good lucky big Louie!

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