Balicki, Long replace Magazzu as CCDO chairs

Again, you heard it here first – here it is in The News:

Lou Magazzu on Tuesday announced publicly he would not be seeking a new term as chairman of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization.

The county Democratic Party convened later that evening at the Ramada Inn, in Vineland, where the CCDO executive committee elected Bob Balicki and Doug Long as the new party heads.

The organization has changed their bylaws to allow for co-chairs and their election was approved by a vote of 44-1.

County Jail Warden Balicki had recently worked with Long, who was a campaign manager for freeholder and sheriff election campaigns here.

Long said their “skill sets meshed” following the partnerships.

Unfortunately Long is a party hack that offers nothing but more of the same underhanded tactics that Lou is well known for. I have high hopes that Balicki will bring a sense of dignity back to the position.


5 Responses to Balicki, Long replace Magazzu as CCDO chairs

  1. Pab Sungenis says:

    With the election of Doug Long, a man who hasn’t been a resident of Cumberland County long enough to hold some of the offices he will be helping to elect people to, the CC Democratic Committee has just done what many of us have fought hard against: we’ve handed our county over to George Norcross.

    One has to wonder how much Long had to do with the forced withdrawal of Jane Jannarone, the reasons for which have still never been explained to committee members, and with the “retirement” of Lou Magazzu who, despite everything sleazy about him, was not a Norcross lackey.

    I’m proud to be the only Democrat who voted against Long’s appointment as co-chair, and expect to spend the next two years as the only person struggling against Norcross’ takeover of the only South Jersey county he has, until now, failed to hold in his grasp.

  2. mumbles says:

    Pab, you are so brave. How do you know Maggie wasn’t a pawn of Norcross? Did he tell you that?

  3. Pab Sungenis says:

    Mumbles: the number of times Norcross and some of his cronies in the Western half of the county tried to unseat him in the past was all I needed to know.

  4. Calhoun says:

    Pab has a point. For all of Lou’s bad points, I wouldn’t call him a Norcross sycophant. He was at least late to drink the Norcross Kool-Aid, even doing quite a bit of sparring in his early days with Sweeney who is completely in Norcross’s back pocket. Lou needed to go, but as I pointed out earlier, bad eggs(Sweeney, Van Drew) helped push Lou out and these stinkers may indeed help Norcross gain a tighter grip on Cumberland County. This silver lining has a cloud around it.

    Glad to know Pab is going to continue his “shitstorm” against the system. Hope he is on the general ballot next November, so some of us Ds have an alternative to Senator Van P.U. The title of Pab’s recent novel (“Go to Hell”) would make a great campaign slogan. “Vote Pab Sungenis, Go To Hell”. Now there’s a bumper sticker I would love to put on my car.

    Besides Long, I am not sold on Balicki either. He is a Sweeney sycophant, making $1,000 contributions to the Gloucester County Democratic Executive Committee in 2005 and 2007 (the price of being the warden for Gloucester County under Sweeney’s rule?). He also is a master at making the system work for him. I believe he collects a $50K correction officer’s pension, while also being employed as Cumberland County’s warden (and before that Gloucester County’s). Some may say there is nothing wrong with this but, many of us, especially in these difficult times, see a real problem with those who collect a state pension while still working full time. I also question Warden Balicki’s, who serves at the pleasure of all (D and R) freeholders (I believe Balicki’s term his up in 2014), taking on such a partisan position.

    If the R’s take control of the freeholder board and sheriff’s office, do they really want the chair of the county’s Democratic Party serving at their pleasure?! High level county positions, like warden, are best filled by those who are not so partisan.

    Warden is a full time job and Balicki should have treated it like one by not agreeing to be the D’s party co-chair.

  5. baba says:

    Calhoun, I am surprised that you say Lou wasn’t drinking the coolaid from the beginning. I recall that he took his orders from early on. Even you must agree that services and appointments have gone to Camden or come from Camden almost exclusively under Lou. Remember the Chapel and about every engineering and architecture job in our poor little county? How about all of the “studies” that went to our friends from the north. Sweeney and Lou were best buds until Lou made a few embarrassing moves. Party politics being what it is, they had to pretend to get along but don’t doubt that every time Lou F’d up Sweeney got something for the rescue. Balicki isn’t the problem, yet. Using a northerner to keep tabs on him is insulting to our county.

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