Letter from Lou in today’s Ben

In today’s Ben:

Lou bows out.
“I am delighted on the election Tuesday night of Bob Balicki and Doug Long as co-chairs of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization.
“Both have the support and respect of the entire leadership and the rank and file of the organization.
“Bob has worked in numerous campaigns and has served exceptionally well as the Millville Democratic chairman.
“Doug impressed everyone in last year’s election with his fundraising skill and political acumen.
“Upon my election as president of the National Democratic County Officials (NDCO), it became clear that I would not have the time to be a full time county chairman.
“I began discussions with my state legislative team and my county colleagues on a replacement.
“Longtime county vice chair Nancy Sungenis did not wish to serve as chair, but has agreed to continue her excellent service as vice chair.
“Over the last few weeks, both Bob and Doug’s names came up as obvious successors in my discussions with the leadership.
“At some point it became clear that the best solution was to amend the bylaws to allow them to serve together as co-chairs.
“I have agreed to continue to serve the county organization, this time as the finance chairman.
“Since being elected president of the NDCO in March, I have been given unprecedented opportunities to meet with President Obama, Vice President Biden, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Democratic Governor’s Association Chair Governor Martin O’Malley.
“I will now be able to devote  an even greater amount of time to the presidency of the NDCO. This will allow me to advocate at a national level for the people of Cumberland county and New Jersey.
“I am proud of the record we have accomplished in the nine years I have served as county chairman.
“Working together, we have changed the entire legislative teams of the First and Third Districts from Republicans to Democrats, retaken two of the three constitutional officer positions and consistently maintained control of the freeholder board.
“I am confident that we will continue to have success this year under Bob and Doug.
“I am grateful that they are assuming this responsibility to allow me to take advantage of the honor given to me by Democratic county officials nationally.
“I am also grateful with the demonstration of support which I received this evening from the Democratic Executive Committee and my fellow elected officials.’’
— Lou Magazzu

A good reporter will find out who cast the one negative vote.
It went down 44-1, which was the average odds of the Triple Crown winners this year.
Said Magazzu, when asked if it were Jane Christy,  “Also was not my mother.’’

(For the record – Pab Sungenis was the sole dissenting vote. He asserts that with the appointment of Long as co-chair, Cumberland County is now firmly in the hands of the Camden Norcross Machine.)

Now, as you know, Balicki is warden at the county jail.
Suppose a wayward Democrat winds up incarcerated.
Is that conflict of interest?
And if a Republican happens to step out of line, will the chant be, “Send him to Bob!’’

I have high hopes for Balicki, he has proven to be a friend. But he too is beholden to Sweeney and Norcross. Cumberland County is NOT Camden or Gloucester – and I would hope for clean campaigns that stick to issues and distance themselves from the slandrous mud-slinging that Lou Magazzu was responsible for bringing into county politics. Offer up solid, honest candidates such as Musso, and then regardless of which party is in control we all will benefit. Word is Lou did not want Musso.

7 Responses to Letter from Lou in today’s Ben

  1. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks for the info—-for the record, you won’t find a “good reporter…” in that column or under that byline.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Notice WHO posted the Video to you-tube?
    L{.}{.}K below the Video and the NAME that is there.

    B. Balicki was J. Pepitone & N. Thompson 2010 Campaign Manager

    Anyone REMEMBER the ATTACKS that were made against their Opponents?

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Go to you-tube main page then type Nelson Thompson to see Balicki name under this Video 🙂

  4. Guess-Who says:

    G. Norcross can go SUCK an EGG if he THINKS that Cumberland, NJ is going to Allow him to CONTROL our County.

    George I’m NOT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ around, You HEAR!

  5. Happy Camper says:

    You are correct, new2cumberland, about the absence of a “good reporter” at the local (high school) newspaper, and especially from the author of its gossip column. Poor BEN has enough troubles simply attempting to spell the word “hooray” – see today’s headline attempt. Indeed, with Lou gone, one can only wonder who will be BEN’s next man-crush? On the other hand, give BEN credit for the ‘Lou headed to the Beltway’ prediction; Lou would be a perfect fit with all the other corrupt, lying freaks like Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Weiner, et al… talk about shovel-ready.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    My money for the next man crush is Mayor Kelly. The mayor of Bridgeton can apparently …”sell sand to the United Arab Emerates….”. I am paraphrasing, from a fairly recent rambling in that column, but is unable to keep a grocery store within the City. He is given cheers in the same paper for this very failure. Yep, my money would be on Kelly. Any takers?

  7. Deep Throat says:

    Pab forgets that Magazzu got his campaign money from Norcross and friends.
    Magazzu appointed the Camden County dem. freeholder director as solicitor to the Cumberland County planning board. Magazzu made sure only union contractors can get county work. He also forgot that Balicki worked for Sweeney. How do you think that Balicki was able to finally get Magazzu out?
    Who had the juice to give Magazzu a bone and a Bat at the same time?
    Pay attention. Lou has been owned by Norcross for years. Norcross & Sweeney finally pushed him out.

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