A gift from Calhoun

Haystacks Calhoun strikes again! I found this gift on my front porch bright and early this morning, along with a note that says, in part, “I have some wieners to go with this nicely aged Bush(mill’s). Wieners and bush — a perfect combination…

I can’t wait to actually meet him, and hopefully toast to good news.


8 Responses to A gift from Calhoun

  1. mango says:

    Well, when you do meet him (I’m assuming male), I hope you will share the identity of the mystery person. His idenity has been the object of much speculation.

  2. Mango maybe we can all get together and share the photo opts of the use to be TOP Dog with his last ride in the weiner moble to the country club. There he will have a blast when arriving in the weiner moble to share his intempt moments with new friends. What is the saying PARTY PARTY LET’S GET IT ON .

  3. mango says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Lou Magazzu was on the TV & Radio Show (Around the County) Today ( Jun 21st 2011) and WHERE was all the outcry from the Vocals that CHIME in here on Maggazuwatch?

    1 hour 45min he was on with J. Quinn (taking phone calls)

    The Respect for some on here that want to HIDE behind a Screen Name
    has All but DISAPPEARED from me.

    Chicken _ _ _ _ is the Name that most should CHANGE their Name to!

    It’s NOT like some of U were NOT aware that he (Lou) was on TV & Radio to take Questions.

    The SILENCE from those that have This & That to Say about the Former Freeholder Director when NOBODY is LISTENING & the ones that were Sucking Up to Him on the Air today is PATHETIC.

    This County is in the Position it is in Financially because NOBODY gives a _ _ _ _ & Piss & Moan about NON-SENSE.

    The Freeholders have a meeting Tonight at 6:30pm (Administrative Building)
    Who’s going to SUCK their Ass & then Piss & Moan about it this Weekend?

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  5. mumbles says:

    Hey Guess-Who. Some of us work. If calling an afternoon local cable show is your idea of fun, be my guest but don’t tell me how to respond to something you choose to watch. Maybe you should Check your Balance.

  6. I do not hide behind a screen name, guess who says change name to chicken I guess that would be you. I do not get QBC 2 nor his am station. Was it in the newspaper anywhere if it was I missed it. Why dosent he ask Jim Saurro if he could be his guest on Straight Talk on 92.1 FM on Sat. Mornings at 9 am a lot of people listen to that show. It would be a great show down.

  7. Guess-Who says:

    LOL, the callers to the Saturday Morning Talk Shows have PROVEN my Point from my previous comment. 🙂

  8. Calhoun says:

    Guess Who why are you so grumpy about none of us calling in to Quinn’s program when Lou was on earlier this week? Do you honestly think that if I called in with an intent to tear Lou a new one that I would be put on the air? Programs like this are as rigged as a wrestling match.

    I didn’t listen to the program, nor do I know anyone who did. Like Mumbles noted most of us work. However, based on previous experiences with Lou’s radio appearances, I provide this synopsis: Lou comes on and yammers on and on about his new position at the National Democratic County Officials organization. He vilifies the national Republicans by talking about all the programs they are cutting. Quinn acts shocked and agrees with Lou that these cuts cannot be made. Lou goes on to talk about the summit he organized at Cumberland County College on the federal budget. The program then takes phone calls. (Not) Surprisingly everyone who calls in is on a first name basis with Lou and/or Quinn and they sing the praises of Louie. Lou responds to the callers in sentences that use the pronoun “I” a lot. He also name drops a lot, talking about how he has met with President Obama and V.P. Biden etc. The program ends with a collective kiss of Louie’s rear — Louie is now a national player — and he leaves the show his massive ego still intact.

    Guess Who, is that a reasonable summary of Tuesday’s program?

    As to Saturday morning’s programs on WVLT (92.1), all I can say is who is listening to the radio on Saturday mornings?! I usually use Saturday morning to sleep off Friday night’s excesses.

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