Voting Machine Malfunction – or is it Fraud?

Ever since their inception, there have been deep-rooted and not entirely baseless fears on the security and accuracy of electronic voting machines. Nowit seems we have our own scandal in Cumberland County.

Cindy Zirkle, a vocal opponent of Lou Magazzu and his regime, is in the middle of the scandal of a possible malfunction, due to the unwillingness of  Lou Magazzu and his cronies to ensure that voters can be assured that our votes really do count!

Electronic voting machines are the standard these days, but the lingering questions about reliability bubbled back to the surface locally this week with questions over a recent contest in Fairfield.

The race for Democratic executive committee featured Cindy and Ernie Zirkle against Vivian and Mark Henry.

The Zirkles lost, according to the official tally, with Cindy getting 10 votes and Ernie a mere 9. Oddly, 28 Fairfield residents have signed affidavits declaring that they cast votes for the Zirkles.

The Sequoia AVC Advantage Direct-Recording Electronic Voting Machine was not operating properly, according to a petition filed by the Zirkles’ attorney.

Why not check the results against a paper trail? There is none with this system. No paper ballot or receipt is produced to verify that a vote was actually tallied.

After years of hand-wringing about the reliability of electronic voting systems, New Jersey still does not mandate paper backups for these machines.

As a result, we are left to wonder: If this one county committee vote tally was screwed up — and that seems to be the case — how many other elections are called into question? Is this a matter of one faulty machine or something more widespread?


4 Responses to Voting Machine Malfunction – or is it Fraud?

  1. WuLi says:

    I received this from Cindy Zirkle through a mutual friend, please take heed:

    “To the voting revolutionaries of Fairfield: as I dig deeper and deeper into the failure of voting machines Irene Goldman, listed below is a constant source of information. This is a VERY interesting site and shows the deficiencies state wide. The “trial” for our appeal is July 11th before Judge Krell, thank you Sam Serata for making this all happen! The larger push will be to demand change before the Nov election. Right now I would have zero faith that if we use the Sequoia machines it will be a fair election. Irene suggests that we have people attend the hearing to show that the public is both interested and demands our constitutional right to cast our ballots in a reliable way. Even if you are not free that day please spread the word among people who might care.”

  2. Calhoun says:

    This is an interesting small town story with perhaps larger implications. I believe the “official” results for the Fairfield Democratic Executive Committee have the following: Vivian Henry 34, Mark Henry 33, Cindy Zirkle 10, Ernie Zirkle 9. It was reported that fewer than 50 people voted. Assuming the voter was to vote for two and all voters did so then at least 43 people had to vote to get the results above. The Zirkles have affidavits from 28 people that they voted for them. Assuming these 28 people are part of the “fewer than 50” that voted than there is no way the Zirkles could not have won, the best scenario for the Henrys being they lose to the Zirkles ca. 28 to 21 (assuming 49 people voted).

    Three scenarios seem possible (assuming the 28 people the Zirkles cited are on the register of those who voted on Election Day):

    1. Voter machine malfunction, with at least some of the votes for the Zirkles being registered as votes for the Henrys.
    2. Ballot misinterpretation, with Zirkles’ supporters inadvertently voting for the Henrys (remember the Florida butterfly ballot and all some Floridians who thought they were voting for Gore but voted for Buchanan).
    3. Fraud, the machine recording the votes correctly but these results being able to be somehow manipulated after the fact.

    Given so few people voted, I would think this could be solved by having the court track down the voters and get them to testify (in private) regarding how they voted. If some of the 28 people on Zirkles’ list are not on the Election Day roll, then this opens up more cans of worms.

    No doubt the CCDO would just as soon not have to deal with the outspoken Zirkles in any official capacity. I like Judge Krell (he is not a political hack) and have faith he will get to the bottom of it.

  3. WuLi says:

    “It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.”
    Tom Stoppard

  4. John says:

    George Norcross does not want this fraud to end. He relies on these votes to get his people re elected in over and over again. Without it, he loses and he will not be able to steal contracts, control insurance, and be in charge of New Jersey.

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