Retaliation? or Threat?

Who placed the dead rat on Pab Sungenis’ front doorstep after he was the lone vote against Doug Long as co-chair of the Camden County Democratic Annex (or would that be a wholly-owned subsidiary?), otherwise known as the Cumberland County Democratic Party?


4 Responses to Retaliation? or Threat?

  1. ?????? says:

    Sounds like something you would expect from Nelson Thompson or one of his ilk. The rat is the labor mascot. So it certainly someone from that part of the party.

  2. ?????? says:

    But is it about Long or is it about Pab running against Van Drew ? It is more likely that it is about Van Drew. .

  3. Guess-Who says:

    The P.O.( Prosecutor Office ) should be contacted immediately about this along with the A.G. (Attorney General Office in Trenton).

    This is a SERIOUS situation that a Rat has been placed on someones Property.

    A P.O. & FBI friends of mine have told me some years ago what it means for a Dead Rat to be placed on someones Property.

    This more than likely has nothing to do with a Labor Mascot…

    Jeff VD needs to be REMOVED from Office this year along with Nelson A. & Matt M.
    B. Romano (Mayor) from Vineland will be LOST without them in 2012!

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  4. mumbles says:

    Oh Please, The rat probably died of fright when Pab answered the door! At least it wasn’t the real R.A.T. we all know and love.

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