When the Magazzu news comes out….

Okay, I am getting more and more information on the Cumberland County Weineresque scandal. When it comes out (no pun intended) I suspect the story will be an anti-climax (okay, maybe a pun was intended) after the build-up…


5 Responses to When the Magazzu news comes out….

  1. ??????? says:

    But will it stand up?

  2. Calhoun says:

    I predict he will stick it out.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Come to think of IT, just might try to go Soft on us with an Explanation, butt who knows maybe the TRUTH will be filled full of Excuses as 2 WHY there’s been a Stiff Upper Lip. 🙂

  4. I saw a vision but it was foggy the king in a mirrow half man and half mule. It had the weiner moble in the back ground. Then I woke up I guess I was dreaming or maybe a cartoon. That was scarey and VP Bidon looked like he was in shock. Maybe he is getting ready to celabrate the 4th and has a new job with Oscar Myer driving the weiner moble. I think I had a bad dream has anyone else been dreaming the same thing.

  5. mumbles says:

    An image is forming, and it’s not a good one. If by Weinergate you mean there are pictures from the internet and if by Weinergate you mean a politician named Lou is in them then I get it. The original Weiner had to give up his government position. Will the local weiner have to give up his? Oh my my my. What will we do?

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