Happy Independence day

An anonymous person left this in my in-box. I wonder if there are more where this came from?

Have a safe 4th of July!


10 Responses to Happy Independence day

  1. dave says:

    Independance day. Awesome !

  2. Guess-Who says:

    The Fireworks are EXPLODING early here in Cumberland,NJ on the 4th of July, even before it gets Dark.

    You getting a BANG out of the Photo, yet ?

    There’s NOTHING like a Mirror Image is there.

    Keep posting pics, the Finale at the end of the Show is coming soon to a Computer near U.

    Gotta Love the SMILE, because when your Smiling the Whole World SMILES with You or is at U 🙂

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  3. Is this a come on or a tease! Happy Independence Day . What cumberland county freeholder goes by the name of DOW JONES.

  4. Dietz says:

    Please Sir, I would like to see another one

  5. WuLi says:

    Sir, you are a sick individual.

  6. WuLi says:

    Wow – I posted this in the morning, and tonight this post has had 105 unique page views! I bet the ratings go through the roof tomorrow!Help us get to 1,000 page views, and I might post another picture!

  7. Dietz says:

    Dear Sir, not sick, paybacks are a bitch

  8. baba says:

    oh my my my . Weinergate. Oh my my my,

  9. WuLi says:

    Paybacks can be a real bitch!

  10. baba says:

    So a guy tries to ruin your life and someone sends you weinergate photos of him? Are you the luckiest bastard ever?

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