Lou Magazzu Doesn’t Resign

For some reason The News thought it was newsworthy to post an article saying that Lou Magazzu is not resigning.

Despite a Cumberland County Democratic source stating that Freeholder Lou Magazzu will resign from his position on the Board of Chosen Freeholders on Friday, the freeholder stated he is remaining on the board.

“I don’t care what Democratic sources say,” said Magazzu. “I’m not resigning.”


6 Responses to Lou Magazzu Doesn’t Resign

  1. Guess-Who says:

    He’s In, He’s Out, He’s Leaving, He’s Staying, He’s Coming, He’s Going.
    It’s Speculation at its Finest.

  2. krazykat says:

    This was a correction “update” article. The first one that was posted was that democratic sources stated he was resigning. That one was removed and replaced with the updated one.

  3. Happy Camper says:

    A theory: When the sordid photos of Lou (seen elsewhere on this site) were exposed, Lou quickly decided to resign as freeholder to save his national job. However, five days later, Lou saw that his buddies at the local high-school newspaper (Bridgeton News) wouldn’t dare run a story which cast a bad light on a precious Democrat. (Everyone reading this knows if it were a Republican, the pix would not only be newsworthy, but equal to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 in their importance.) So for the moment, Lou feels safe with the local press lap-dogs in his pocket, and has changed his mind about resigning. It’s a gamble. If the Courier-Post picks up the story and the photos, Lou could lose the national job, and become the local version of Anthony Weiner.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Be sure to read the courier Post

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Happy Camper—you are so right. After about a year of reading @ this site it becomes more and more apparent that the News of Cumberland County is a huge part of the problem in getting the real stories. I am relatively new to the area & wouldn’t know 1/2 the stuff going on, if I hadn’t heard this site mentioned @ a party. Who is the editor of that local paper & why does he/she act like such a lapdog to these losers? Really, If you know I’d love to hear.

  6. Slappythedoormam says:

    I will have to check out out o County papers.
    Why NO coverage?? I moved to hickville!!

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