What Lou Magazzu Doesn’t Want You to See

I don’t know what to add – maybe I could add the personal emails between Lou and the woman he had an illicit affair with dating back five or more years?

I am waiting to see what reaction I get from the local media, all who are privy to the information. Perhaps Lou would like to make this information public? I would be happy to hear his side of the story, after all, every story does have three sides: his, hers, the truth.


11 Responses to What Lou Magazzu Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. WuLi says:

    You know, he has HUGE spaces between his big toes and the rest…

  2. new2cumberland says:

    WTF!!! Is this for real? Is that censor bar really covering his junk?!!! What is the story??? Please. The local press is a total joke, you know that to be true or you never would have started all this going. They are as yellow(as in coward) as their journalism. That reporter who does the Ben column actually wanted some guy to apologize to Assemblywoman Riley the other day! I mean she’s a politician for god’s sake! She should be able to take a little heat—-it was unbelievable, his tone was positively avuncular. It is probably a safe bet we won’t see anything in that newspaper. So, really if you want to build a little anticipation, ok, but patience is not one of my strongest qualities…..

  3. JJ says:

    What’s going on Lou, tell me the truth…

  4. WuLi says:

    One local paper said this “was not news”. However, what Jane Jannarone did to Bob Greco apparently was news. There is a double standard, especially when you learn some of the other sordid details of the illicit affair.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Was the local paper the News, the one with the ridiculous Ben column??

  6. I think that ,yes you Lou hurt a lot of good people in Cumberland County by your mean spirited ways. This kind of stuff is intollerable. I wonder what the ladies in that Cherry Hill office would be saying about this type of behavior. I would love to be a fly on the wall.

  7. mumbles says:

    If the local news doesn’t think this is “newsworthy” who would? The News where Lou is now working? How about “Weird NJ”. Better yet, Philadelphia magazine. They have great indepth articles about people of interest who do wild and crazy things.

    PS: If you have to bleep out the offending bits fine, but you should draw a white dotted line where we can see what’s really up!

  8. mumbles says:

    What Lou Magazzu Doesn’t Want You to See?

    apparently wrong

  9. mumbles says:

    It was cold out, I swear it’s bigger than that. You need to use a metric ruler. Didn’t you ever hear of shrinkage?

  10. krazykat says:

    Saw a post a minute ago on Facebook from The News of Cumberland County that was an article that Magazzu was resigning tomorrow…then the post disappeared. Went to the papers web site and the story was updated with a quote from Magazzu that he wasn’t resigning…

  11. Guess-Who says:

    That Maggzzu-Watch Sticker seems to be Bona fide 🙂

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