Lou Magazzu – OMG!!!

For those that may be doubting that these images originated from Lou Magazzu’s personal sex email account, here is a screen shot of the email – with offensive material censored for the safety of your eyes.

If you doubt that the email account is Lou’s, it is relatively inexpensive to open an Email Finder account, which traces the email back to Lou, despite his amateurish attempt to use fictitious registration information.

I can’t believe this stuff keeps rolling in!


One Response to Lou Magazzu – OMG!!!

  1. new2cumberland says:

    Like the blue dot effect–old school, reminds me of the William Kennedy Smith trial…… Please tell me that he wasn’t so disrespectful as to take these photos in his own home, these are from a hotel or other residence…Oh & did I understand correctly—-Maguzzu mislead this other woman by telling her he was not married? Good thing she was savvy enough to hold on to her money anyway. This guy is so not a gentleman.

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