“Not news” to the Daily Journal – but other un-news is printed

The Daily Journal informed me that Lou Magazzu’s illicit affair while married was not news. They informed me that Lou asking his mistress for a portion of her inheritance directly after her parents’ death was not news. And they said his “Weineresque” photos were not news.

But Jane Jannarone’s capricious and slanderous campaign to demonize a non-candidate last year WAS news, and the non-story of Lou not resigning appears to be news. So I wonder just what IS news to them?

Anyway – you do have to read the DJ’s non-news article if only for the comments. It seems that there are quite a few people that believe that Lou’s latest scandal is news. I am still debating what, and how much to release.

In my opinion, the Comtec story is much more pertinent, as it affects every taxpayer as well as many hard-working individuals in the county that lost jobs to a Camden firm due to Lou and his Freeholders’ connivance and conspiracy to exclude the winning Vineland based company.


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