Apparently People “want to know”

Wow – we haven’t seen this sort of traffic to the site in along time! People want to know!

The Daily Journal says it isn’t news-worthy.  Judging by the unique hits to the site, (the numbers represented by these graphs only count your visit once, even if you go back several times that day from the same computer) the Daily Journal was wrong!

However, packages (no pun intended) have been delivered to various newspapers and to political leaders throughout the state. And the packages are growing every day – once again, no pun.

What  find interesting is that the search string “lou magazzu divorce” is the second most popular search leading people to the website.

My inbox is flooded with more and more info daily, and as I verify and sort and edit, I will be making it available.

I am proud to say that once again, MagazzuWatch blazes the trail with breaking news!


One Response to Apparently People “want to know”

  1. tom rabbit says:

    Let’s get a petition out asking Lou to resign just think walk up to the door show the freeholder in his birthday outfit and see how fast the resident hearls his cookies. I think we could set land speed records for removing him. Please send a package to President Oboma he could use a laugh.

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