Does Lou Really Deserve This?

From its start in January 2009, and up until about 18 months ago, I was a regular contributor to MWatch.  I have not contributed much recently, due more to change in circumstance than to change in conviction.  But what may be the end of this saga urges some reflection on how we got here.

Three years ago, Lou, as the most prominent political figure in the county, ruled like some feudal prince.  He dispensed patronage and meted out punishment.  If you disagreed with him or failed to pay the proper obeisance, you were in trouble.  As a public employee, you were forced out of your job.  As a fellow freeholder, you were ignored and insulted.  As a private citizen speaking up on a public issue, you were humiliated.

MWatch started  because we were fed up with Lou’s arrogance.   Since its inception, Lou has given us plenty of  fodder — his politics of personal destruction (including the 2009 sheriff’s election and the Jannarone vs. Greco fiasco last fall);  his awarding contracts to cronies, including favored nonprofits and independent contractors, some tied to out-of-county interests (Norcross machine);  NacoGate;   giving jobs to supporters (remember Ma’Quan Dawkins?); his mean spirit (remember the Nancy Sungenis letter that said, of the 2009 Independent Candidates, all long time honest and caring public servants, “We will also not forget that they are now traitors to the [Democrat] organization and it’s ideals”?)   For a litany of Lou’s wrongdoing just through 2009, read the four-part “Lou Chronicles” on this blog. 

By early 2010, we thought, thanks in part to our extensive documentation of his offenses,  Lou would finally go.  We knew various governmental investigations were underway.  We kept hearing about imminent indictments.  But nothing happened.

And then, like some deus ex machina, a former mistress flies in, bearing emails and photos.  The emperor has no clothes.  He is revealed as physically repulsive and so very, very foolish.  One of his minions once remarked to me how dumb some of Lou’s victims were.  Who could be dumber than Lou?  And consider the irony — people (and timid newspapers)  could not bring him down despite his political transgressions.  Yet his end might be due to an age-old story — the wrath of a woman deceived. 

So, does Lou deserve this humiliation?  I say yes.  I am not a vindictive person and am naturally inclined to sympathize with someone who is down. But with Lou — well, conventional wisdom might call it “Karma” or remind us,  “What goes around comes around”  or “You reap what you sow.”  Undoubtedly, Lou is not a happy person right now.  He is probably suffering.  In my view, he is getting what he deserves. 

PS, Jack, who is “dazed, bruised and battered” now?


8 Responses to Does Lou Really Deserve This?

  1. Dan Mourning says:

    “What goes around, comes around.” You can’t be as arrogant, disrespectful and narcissistic as Magazzu and not eventually have karma kick you square in the… well, I won’t go there.

    He tried his one-upmanship on me at the Freeholder meeting when I spoke out about the chapel at the Veteran’s Cemetery being a waste of money and a violation of the NJ Constitution. Oh, they passed it of course, but not without a lot of attention on their total disregard of constitutional law.

    Lou will be humbled. I hope he takes a good look in the mirror (unintentional but unavoidable pun) and comes to grips with his shortcomings. Sorry, but it seems you can’t write this stuff without unintended puns.

  2. To the editor it is well said, so to Lou your famous words on 92.1 fm was ALEX LISTEN NOW DO YOU HERE ME. So to you Lou ,good bye,may your public service carrer end for good. I pray that other public servants say the same and do the rite thing. No wonder under your leadership we were always at the top of the wrong list. LOU LISTEN CLOSELY and if you still have, followers good bye. You have now went over the top with your actions. This is my opion and my opion only. Hopefully when all said and done we will have good honest canadates again run for office. May God Bless Cumberland County.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Who is Jack?

  4. baba says:

    Lou used to have so much to lose. Now, due to his many transgressions and in particular to his personal attack on a Millville civilian and his family, he has almost nothing left to lose. The campaign to make Lou pay has at times run amuck but there was always a grain of truth to the claims. Usually there was a real set of facts behind the claim. Above all there was never a shortage of people who felt slighted, abused and disenfranchised by Lou. The County never deserved the failure ushered in by Lou’s personal quest to be more than he really was. And let’s not forget that his wife and kids never deserved what they got either. They are the true victims here and they have my sympathy.

    The only honorable thing to do now is for Lou to post a reply apologizing for his discretion to his county and to his family. People will possibly consider forgiveness. I probably won”t but the public generally loves a man who has fallen and been saved over a man who has never fallen. They are weird like that.

    By now there are discussions between Lou and the Democrat leadership over how to handle this. Let’s hope someone with a little power explains the facts of life to Lou like someone did for Mr. Weiner. He won’t want to take the advice but his failure to leave now will result in unacceptable collateral for the party and all candidates around him. More importantly, his refusal to step down now will subject his family to one more trauma that they never deserved.

    If Lou resigns I would advocate that this site be suspended to spare his family any more pain.

    lou, do the right thing.

  5. WuLi says:


    You make a good point. If Lou were to resign, not only Cumberland county politics, but politics in general, this entire episode could be erased. All posts and images referring to the sordid affair would be removed. Eventually, when one searched “Lou Magazzu” on Google images, the embarrassing photos would no longer appear.

    However, I don’t believe that Lou cares about his family, and his ego will prevent him from stepping down regardless of the damage he has caused, and will continue to cause.

    Whichever course, resignation or obstinacy, this site will remain as our safeguard and a reminder. It has served its purpose well, which is to ensure that our elected officials are aware that the public does have a voice, and some of us are watching.

  6. Richard Hoch says:

    It’s a great day for all who work hard to do the right thing. When a trickster, cheat and all around arrogant man gets caught doing stupid things…it’s justice! DON’T LET UP!!! You must think..WWMD….”What would Magazzo do?” He would push as hard as he could, rolling over anyone, no matter how hurtful it may be to his apponent’s family. Too bad! I say, keep this up even if he does the “I’m sorry if I offended” crap.
    He only has feelings for Lou…and screw you! (Lou, you can use that).
    I for one, am very happy this is the way he goes out. Disgraced and alone.
    So, the question is…Does Lou deserve this?
    I just hope all of this is true as described. No wiggle room on this one Mr.Magazzu.
    He had no problem demanding of others to do hurtful things when he didn’t agree, I have no problem asking for this site to remain as a reminder to future creeps that look up to this idiot, WE ARE WATCHING!
    Thank you,
    Your Pal, Rich

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Does LOU deserve this much Attention, ?… He deserves more to be FOCUSED on Him with his Actions, This is WHAT happens to Public Servants!

    I am sure by now He(Lou) is Singing the Blues to someone that will Listen(PO), that this can’t be done to him.
    Combing through Law-books/ Playbooks, L{.}{.}King for any LAW that says U can’t do this to Me because I’m Lou Mags.

    Just Remember this Lou, a Picture is Worth more than a 1,000 WORDS!

    The Real Question is, will the PUBLIC DEMAND that L. MAGAZZU Resign from the Position as Freeholder at the NEXT Chosen Board of Freeholder Meeting ?
    Does the Public have the Fortitude to EXPOSE this Ordeal to the General Public ?

    Maybe Playgirl Magazine will give or could give him a Photo-shoot Spread in an Up-Coming Edition.(No Pun Intended)

    Maybe Lou can become a Stand-Up Comic at the Local Theater he has so much Invested In?

    Be sure to tell Random People & ones that you know to CHECK out Magazzuwatch.Com for the Latest Information on U know Who 🙂

    Not even a Dream Team of Lawyers can REMOVE the IMAGE that has been Provided with his Mirror Reflection.

    I wonder IF most People will NOT be able to keep a Straight Face when they L{.}{.}K at Lou now, as they will be Laughing Their Ass Off.

    MagazzuWatch Signs should be ERECTED again throughout the County as this is Not the Time to go SOFT on this Issue.

    Lou’s Head must be turning RED by now and it’s Not from being over used.

  8. ignatz says:

    I cannot agree more with the writers dissertation. Lou has been an embarrassment to not only the Democratic Party but to all residents of the County that he was suppose to have been representing. However, one must remember that there is an election coming up that may determine political party control on the Freeholder level. The Dem’s are already having problems filling the election position vacated by Jannarone, as they had the same problem with the one vacated by Dunkins…Lou was not in favor of Musso because she didn’t bow to him. Dem’s are struggeling, they want Lou to resign but their ideal would be for him to wait to resign until after the election so they can replace him with a candidate of their choice and not open another Dem seat to challenge or political change. The election may be the key to when he resigns. However, now one has to weigh the damage Lou causes to the campaign this year. His antics and lack of good judgement, coupled with lying to all concerned (as he has been doing for years) does make for easy fodder for a campaign to be constructed around Lou’s Party, a party that he wanted to take credit for building, but in reality he destroyed. He is no longer the Party Chair, that would be Dem’s trying to create a distance between his unpopularity and the election. He has one hand picked Elected Official left in Whalen, who went in his own person and unfortunately quickly became a dissapointment. Musso and a candidate to be named later are not Lou’s choices. So, Lou stays and a campaign is structured against “Lou’s Party” not necessarily the candidates themselves, except Whalen who will be individually attacked, or Lou resigns now and the Dem’s have to find two candidates subjecting themselves to finding another candidate to run and fill Lou’s unexpired term. The latter would bring Party control of the Freeholder Board more into question than it already is in this election. What a quandry! Either way Lou must go! My vote would be sooner than later! But this decision unfortunately is being made in back rooms, not out front in the public forum where our forefathers envisioned the pre-electoral and electoral process to be.

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