Lets rub noses like the eskimoses………….

I don’t know what is more embarrassing, having photos of your junk posted all over the internet, or having the following exchange reprinted for the world to read. Dating to January of this year, when Lou was still living with his wife, albeit in a house that was in the midst of foreclosure…

In a message dated 1/27/2011 10:46:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  XXXXXXXXX@aol.com writes:

Hi there, I enjoyed your sweet messages this morning.  I didn’t  see my bed until 6 a.m. this morning so I was deep into lala land when you  called.  So sorry I missed you. I was in a poker tourney last  night…..get
this………6 1/2 hours………….but I finished in the  money.
Then we got slammed with 10 more inches of snow  ……………..ughhhh
Anyways, I am absolutely beat tonight or this e mail would be much  longer.
It’s been a while, lots to catch up on.
Hope you had a wonderful Thursday and an even better tomorrow.
Right now?
It’s time to give my pillow some head……
Will try and connect with you tomorrow…….
Sweet dreamzzz…….

From: DAEZMAN@aol.com
To: XXXXXXXXX@aol.com
Sent: 1/28/2011 12:51:15  A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Lets rub noses like the  eskimoses………….

Never thought I would hear you complain about getting slammed with 10  inches. hehe
I am so glad you responded. We need a night of chatting or talking to  catch up.
I have had lots of downs and ups but definitely in the up swing now.  Check out my web site _www.qesenergy.com_ (http://www.qesenergy.com/) .
Miss you mami.

(I edited this section, thanks to Matt’s attentiveness -I checked the originals and he was correct)

Let’s get to the crux of the matter. What is truly offensive about this entire sordid affair is not that Lou emailed lewd, graphic photos of himself in various stages of undress to a consensual female. This is more common than people are willing to admit. Of course, it is amusing to post the images because, face it, it is what people want to see. I have more, and they will eventually surface.

It is not that he was having an affair, or multiple affairs. Again, men and women do that all the time – not that I am endorsing it. I do not know what agreements he may or may not have had with his wife concerning their marriage. I don’t know how happy their marriage was. There could be extenuating circumstances to their personal life that we will never know, and is really nobody’s business.

The egregious part, and this I gleaned from months worth of conversations with one particular mistress, is that he misled her. She had no idea he was married, let alone had children. She didn’t know he was a politician, he led her to believe he was a successful businessman. Was he ashamed that he was a politician?

So many lies, especially the successful businessman one…

But the really dirty part was when he pressured her during a period in her life when she was particularly vulnerable, for a five-figure loan. She had no idea that his house was in foreclosure when he asked for this loan, for his “business venture”. As I get time, these emails and text messages will be posted.


6 Responses to Lets rub noses like the eskimoses………….

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    The most egregious part of all of this to me is: Who still uses AOL? I mean … what is this — 1999?

    As for the rhyming, are you sure Lou was the poet? The subject of his email was “Re: Let’s rub noses…”, which leads me to believe he was responding to the subject “Let’s rub noses…” Either way, it’s embarrassing — but oh so intriguing. Keep the drama coming!

    Matt Dunn

  2. Matt Dunn says:

    Also, were all these pictures and emails sent to the same woman? If not, can you maybe give the different mistresses nicknames so that we can tell them apart?

    Matt Dunn

  3. Happy Camper says:

    This makes me wonder: With all the bad grammar, poor word choices and typographical errors in Lou’s e-mails, they are very much like a BEN column. Plus, given the embarrassing man-love that BEN has lavished upon Lou all these years, is it possible that BEN is really LOU?!

  4. new2cumberland says:

    Too funny Happy Camper—Lou and BEN author— two d-bags with nebulous relationships/connections. Maybe the same guy, haven’t seen Maguzzu in action besides the freeholder meetings, but BEN & his contributors are definitely schizophrenic. Still can’t believe not a whisper in the paper(News of CC), yet a stand alone article about him not resigning—bizarre!

  5. Mutt Dyver says:

    “Louis, Louis, what am I gonna do wit you? First I get you elected, then I stonewall ‘dat NACO thing, and now I see your dingaling all over the freakin’ internet. It’s time for you to go, Louis. Just take da money you stashed over da years, and get the hell outta dis state and don’t look back. Do you understand me, Louis? Get yer dingaling outa here.”

  6. new2cumberland says:

    Who is/was Maguzzu’s mentor? Someone currently in politics? Is s/he still close with him? Or have they started to distance themselves due to this Chernobyl – like meltdown?

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