The Comtec Bids

I am working on a detailed article on the inner workings of Lou Magazzu’s freeholder board, inasmuch as contracts are awarded not necessarily to the lowest, most qualified bidders, but to the most politically connected.

I have been pulled in a thousand direction this week, but here is a teaser of what is to come. The first scan is a document Comtec Systems, Inc. of Vineland NJ that they were not one of the selected firms for bid 09-31 for “interior telephone and data line wiring services.”

The second scan is a worksheet created by Cumberland County Purchasing Department showing all bidders and the total bids – of which Comtec was the lowest.

The story is convoluted, and I have hundreds of documents I am analyzing – however, these two simple documents pretty much tell the whole story.

Stay tuned for the nuances and intrigue, who paid who, who contributed to who, who is related to who in the future installments. Find out why our local jobs are going to Camden and Mercer county rather than to a local company. This is yet another story that our local media is ignoring.


One Response to The Comtec Bids

  1. mumbles says:

    Lou used to have so much to lose. Now, due to his many transgressions and in particular to his personal attack on a Millville civilian and his family, he has almost nothing left to lose. The campaign to make Lou pay has at times run amuck but there was always a grain of truth to the claims. Usually there was a real set of facts behind the claim. Above all there was never a shortage of people who felt slighted, abused and disenfranchised by Lou. The County never deserved the failure ushered in by Lou’s personal quest to be more than he really was. And let’s not forget that his wife and kids never deserved what they got either. They are the true victims here and they have my sympathy.

    The only honorable thing to do now is for Lou to post a reply apologizing for his discretion to his county and to his family. People will possibly consider forgiveness. I probably won”t but the public generally loves a man who has fallen and been saved over a man who has never fallen. They are weird like that.

    By now there are discussions between Lou and the Democrat leadership over how to handle this. Let’s hope someone with a little power explains the facts of life to Lou like someone did for Mr. Weiner. He won’t want to take the advice but his failure to leave now will result in unacceptable collateral for the party and all candidates around him. More importantly, his refusal to step down now will subject his family to one more trauma that they never deserved.

    If Lou resigns I would advocate that this site be suspended to spare his family any more pain.

    lou, do the right thing.

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