Was the Fairfield Twp election “fixed”

From the beginning I was wary of electronic voting machines, boxes that leave no paper trail, that work on the same principles as the internet – and we read almost weekly of some steadfast organization being hacked. And now it has apparently happened in Cumberland County, with a vocal opponent of Lou Magazzu being victim to “human error”. Cynical minds would suspect voter fraud. This was, after all, a pretty major “error” – giving the election to a loser that had no chance of winning.

According to Appel, “Sequouia’s sloppy software practices can lead to error and insecurity” and “anomalies noticed by County Clerks in New Jersey in 2008 Presidential Primary were caused by two different programming errors on part of Sequoia, and had the effect of disenfranchising voters.”

Cohen said his side wants to know what happened too, but that can be disseminated from the printouts.

“An expert is not going to question reliability,” said Krell, adding that such a witness could weigh in on whether Hernandez’s mistake was simply that.

Cohen stated such an examination could become far-reaching and become “a never ending tale.” Further, Hernandez stated voting machines used in the 91 other districts were checked out and deemed accurate.

The Zirkles, who have yet to publicly weigh in on their case, said this problem is larger than an executive committee election.

2 Responses to Was the Fairfield Twp election “fixed”

  1. hemp says:

    ..COLUMBUS Ohio AP A major voting machine maker has notified its customers in 34 states that a programming error discovered during testing may cause votes to be dropped when they are uploaded to a computer server from the machines vote-holding memory cards…Premier Election Solutions Inc. The error communicated in a Tuesday product advisory occurs when multiple memory cards are being uploaded at the same time and it is more likely to occur in jurisdictions that have several voters and use touch-screen voting systems said Premier spokesman Chris Riggall…The Allen Texas-based Premier is a unit of North Canton-based Diebold Inc…More voters and more touch-screen machines mean more memory cards. Each individual touch-screen machine has a memory card and scanning machines that read thousands of paper ballots each only have one card…In Ohio where the glitch was discovered it caused at least 1 000 total votes to be dropped in nine of the 44 counties that used Premiers equipment during the March presidential primary and previous elections.

  2. Who was the sales person who sold us these machines and why did Cumberland County buy them if a mix up could occure that easy. Double back up didn’t even find the error before they were put in use. To me something just dosent add up. The question in my mind could have this happened in other elections were swing voting happens and no one would question it. Just a thought?

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