Vienland doesn’t owe county for health services

In today’s Daily Journal:

An appellate ruling released Tuesday upholds a 2009 court decision that relieved the city of paying the county board of health for three years of specialized health services.

The health board sued the city in February 2009 claiming Vineland owed $202,000 for children’s health services rendered from 2005 to 2007.

Four members of City Council — excluding only president Pete Coccaro — had refused to pay the bill, arguing it wasn’t clear exactly what services the city received.

Though he was on the other side of the issue then, Coccaro said Tuesday he is grateful for the remaining council’s stance.


5 Responses to Vienland doesn’t owe county for health services

  1. jesse says:

    Why has the scandal suddenly disappeared from your site????

  2. Iknow says:

    What happened to this website? Is there a legal action taking place? Was I dreaming about the pictures and chat logs????

  3. jesse says:

    I agree!!! What happened??? No news in the BEN and now everything on the site has disappeared. I have left messages to find out what is going on but no one has responded!!!

  4. jesse james says:

    Where have all the pictures gone????

  5. ?????? says:

    Louie the Maggot must have done his old poor me cry, He is known for his vicious attacks on everyone else. Then he plays the victim when he gets it in return. Miss the Maggot pics. Everyone knows now how sick he really is. Louie, everyone is laughing at you.
    We all know what a sick F— you really are. Living off everyone else. Try getting a real job like the rest of us. We support our families. We don’t live off them. Who are you sponging off now?

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