Anonymous letter raises a few questions

I received an envelope sans return address, containing these three pages, last week. I am assuming they were sent by an attorney, based on the page layout and their seeming intimate knowledge of what is “common knowledge” in political, legal and judicial circles”.

The final page asks several questions – questions which I hope our avid followers might be able to answer.


6 Responses to Anonymous letter raises a few questions

  1. ?????? says:

    Talk about AG investigations. This should be one. Are the newspapers privy to this one? If ever an ethics investigation was called for, this is it.

  2. WuLi says:

    The newspapers, locally, do everything in their power to protect mr. Magoo, er Magazzu

  3. new2cumberland says:

    WuLi— I may have asked this before & if you answered sorry, I can’t find it–but did Magazzu have a political mentor? One who kind of brought him to the party, so to speak? Do you know if they still speak or is Magazzu so far off the reservation now no one wants to be around him politically? Thanks.

  4. Old Tyme Dem says:

    Magazzu interned under former Congressman & Ambassador William Hughes. Lou used his name everywhere when he first ran for office and his early career. Lou shafted Bill’s son when he tried to run for office. He also disrespected the family on a personal level.
    Congressman Hughes wants nothing to do with Lou.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks 4 background, guess he is a total pariah huh? Just curious, any political allies left for L.M. locally?

  6. You may find some in Bridgeton or Fairfield even maybe the wanabee’s. This is just my observatoin.

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