Baywatch Lou

  Here is Lou in his best Baywatch pose!

I wonder how many lovely ladies he emailed this image?

I was considering putting it on a coffee mug… actually it would be better on a beer glass, it would be a way to cut down on drinking.

But seriously – the question arose concerning the sudden disappearance of the lewd Lou photos. Some accused me of being bought off… HA! Yeah, right – not gonna happen. Others supposed there were legal issues, and they were close.

As I posted yesterday, Lou threatened me with legal action, through a 3rd-party. What I had heard is that he had retained legal counsel – Greiner from Archer and Greiner of Vineland. When I heard that he had retained such a high-price attorney, I questioned where he found the funds? After all, Lou Magazzu is probably the one person in this county that earns less than I do. Migrant workers laugh at our paychecks.

I brushed off the threat – after all, this entire site is protected speech. It is covered as a subsidiary of Inferno News, a registered business in Cumberland County for almost ten years. The site serves the distinct purpose of covering the news that the local media ignores. Any attempt to shut us down would be an attempt to infringe and abridge my rights of free speech and a free press.

Also, Lou Magazzu is a public figure. He chose to be a public figure, and hence, virtually anything and everything in his life is open for public inspection. The reporting thereof is not actionable. This in spite of what a certain judge told me, certainly stepping over the bounds of judicial prudence in so doing.

I had little concern that the threat to go to the prosecutor and have them take action would go anywhere. If anything, I expected the standard “cease and desist” letter along with a threat of a civil lawsuit.

I was directed to this statute, and informed that Lou was going to have the county prosecutor go after me for a crime of the third degree. That could lead to a $30,000 fine, and 3-5 years in prison. Now I began to listen.

Of all of the appointments under Lou’s regime, I actually applaud the appointment of Jennifer Webb-McRae. She is smart, involved in the community, and doesn’t get involved in political games. I didn’t think she would bite on an obvious ploy to use political prowess to subdue and muffle the voice of a private citizen.

I also, from reading this statute, figured that even though it has absolutely no case history in the state, it is not applicable.

When I heard that the county prosecutor was not going to pursue, I relaxed a bit. Then word came down that Lou was going to the state attorney general, unless I agreed to take the images down.

I was, and am confident that I would eventually win any court case that relied on this statute to get a conviction. The law was written to protect people from perverts that take photos of them secretly (it is called voyeurism) and then distribute these images in any manner.

I did not take photos of Lou Magazzu naked, he did. I did not distribute them over the internet, knowing that they could eventually leak to the public, he did.

But, as I said earlier, I live on a low-budget. Like the Kinks song, I’m a low-budget man. I can’t afford to pay for a legal defense against what amounts to frivolous prosecution. So I sent word that I would bow to Lou’s attempt at extortion, and take the photos down if he would promise in writing not to pursue what would be to me expensive legal action.

Lyin’ Louie, however, once again reneged on his word – as I fully expected.

Anyway – read the statute. The only part that even remotely applies is Paragraph C.  However, in my role as journalist, emailing copies of the documents to local media and Lou’s political boss falls under protected speech. This website plainly and clearly indicated beforehand that I had possession of these images, and they were going to be posted This satisfies an affirmative defense. Also, I acted with an entirely lawful purpose. The news was certainly timely, what with the scandals of other politicians caught with their pants down, so to speak. I didn’t offer these images to the public, or post the naked ones without covering up the parts that nobody really wants to see any way. I didn’t attempt to sell them, nor did I attempt to extort Lou Magazzu in exchange for not making public the fact that he emailed despicable nude photos of himself over the internet.

I mean come on now – what sort of idiot emails pictures of himself naked to women he possibly never met? Women are not interested in seeing guys naked – really. They are into romance and relationships. It is guys that are into lewd images – which is why there are very few women’s magazines featuring naked men, but literally thousands of men’s magazines featuring nudity (of all sorts). And so, public disclosure of these images is critical if only to expose (no pun intended) a severe lack of judgment by an elected official. If Lou Magazzu cannot conduct his life in a proper fashion (first a mortgage foreclosure, then word of many unpaid debts, and now this) he is absolutely unfit for public office.


3 Responses to Baywatch Lou

  1. Richard Hoch says:

    Photos of my Buddy Lou in the buff is disturbing on several levels. Is it the excess hair…or the color of the hair… or the BIG, Goofy smile? What part of this photo does he think will excite a woman? Damn!
    His other photos showing his equipment and trying to entice someone to meet him is like me inviting someone out to dinner by taking a picture of road kill and saying..”Come on and Get it!”.
    And, did these photos come from the County funded phone???
    Dat’s da BIG LOU question. This could be a fun ride.
    Crap…Now it’s going to be hard to watch Big Lou (Not really big) on TV at the meetings and not think about what an ass he’s made out of himself. Maybe it is time for YOU to leave Big Lou. It’s kinda like pay backs for when you pressured my former Boss to keep me off the radio…isn’t it Buddy? Ain’t life fun???
    Thank you Mr. Magazzu…You da Best!

  2. Gilgamesh says:

    If only you knew how heavily involved in politics your dear Prosecutor is you would have a web site devoted to her.

  3. Jaye Muray says:

    If Anthony Wiener had to resign, so should he.

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