Surace to replace Jannarone

If you are a Republican, you are probably cringing at the news. Tony Surace, a Millvilel boy, has been selected to fill Jane Jannarone’s empty slot in the Freeholder race. What can you say about a coach that is loved and respected by all?

I do have to admit that along with Carol Musso, it is refreshing to see Cumberland County enlist decent candidates for the county Democratic party – people that will not kowtow to Lou Magazzu. Well – maybe they will. With Lou’s recent scandal, I find it disheartening that not one of them has stood up and demanded Lou’s resignation!

Oh, they all joined hands and commented to the press in demanding that Bob Greco, a non-candidate, resign as Chair of the Republican party.  But they look the other way, and apologize for Lou’s reprehensible behavior – cheating on his wife for years, and sending disgusting photographs via the internet.

Their utter and deafening silence on this issue causes me to caution my Democrat friends that might cast a vote in their direction – as long as Lou Magazzu remains a freeholder, their loyalty to the Cumberland County taxpayer will always remain questionable. Their commitment to truth and transparency in government remains  a cause for concern. And the fact that Norcross now owns the party gives me pause as far as the commitment of these candidates to Cumberland County, as their allegiance now lays in Camden and Gloucester.

MagazzuWatch WILL be keeping an eye on campaign contributions, but as we have learned from history, the Camden Machine money always is promised in advance, but never given until after the last ELEC filing date before the election. It will be the same this year, don’t be fooled.



9 Responses to Surace to replace Jannarone

  1. got nutz 69 says:

    Mr. Surace may be God to some, take a poll and see how many athletes and parents outside of Football fans thinks he is. The thunderbolt club will back him 100% because he bleeds orange and blue.How does being a football coach teach you how to be a good freeholder? Balicki & Long first move a good one. As a democrat, as long as Lou Magazzu has anything to do with the party the Republicans have mine and my family’s vote.

  2. WuLi says:

    There are several reasons to hesitate before pulling the lever for Mr. Surace, reasons that give me pause.
    The most import one is his close association with another former coach/freeholder – Ed Salmon of Salmon Ventures Ltd. Surace sits on the board of directors. SVL, and KBT Architecture rake in a ton of public money. MagazzuWatch has already explained how these relationships with elected officials reek of conflicts of interest.

    Another reason to pause is in the comment above. What experience does being a coach give a person to be a Freeholder? For that matter, what experience does being an educator give a person to be a Freeholder? haven’t we learned our lesson with Joe Pepitone? Sure Joe is a so-called nice guy – at least I thought so until he joined that vicious attack against Bob Greco last year in a desperate attempt to evade debating issues during his attempt at re-election. Not that I think that Surace doesn’t have a bit more backbone than Pepitone… having been on the receiving end of those sort of vicious attacks, I still have not forgiven Joe for refusing to take a stand and do the right thing.

    The disturbing thing is, Surace has broad name recognition. People, like sheep, will flock (heh – pun) to the polls and pull the lever of their son’s coach simply because they met the guy.

  3. baba says:

    Salmon is no friend of Lou. He was burned when Lou went against the low bidder on the chapel. (KBA, son in law) in favor of an out of county firm.

    PS: Salmon was an educator and a Freeholder

  4. WuLi says:

    But Salmon IS a friend of the Norcross machine – Norcross was no friend of Lou – he used Lou to get total control of Cumberland County politics, so that we can ship our tax money to Camden County and give them our jobs (ala Comtec).

  5. WuLi says:

    What is really disconcerting about Surace is that he is a backstabbing liar.

    When Jody Farabella was asked to run for Freeholder, the first thing he did was run to his mentor – Coach Surace. Surace told Jody to run, that he would do everything in his power to support Jody.

    Jody considers Surace a father-figure. I can only imagine how Jody must have felt, to discover that Surace betrayed him – lied to him.

    If Tony Surace is going to lie to one of his former star athletes, and betray someone that totally trusted him, can the residents of Cumberland County trust Surace not to be another self-serving politician willing to sell us down the river?

  6. mumbles says:

    Jody took his marching orders from Surace? Yikes, I guess Jody forgot what party was sponsoring him. Maybe he isn’t quite ready to be a leader.

  7. WuLi says:

    No, Mumbles, Jody did not take marching orders. you have to understand the relationship – Jody considered Surace a mentor. Surace was Jody’s coach – a person that Jody considered a father-figure, one who Jody trusted intimately. That is a relationship that transcends politics – well, unless you are Surace, obviously. Surace betrayed Jody in the worst way – sort of like Judas did to Jesus.

  8. got nutz69 says:

    Will the coach give up his county insurance, and salary beings he getting pension and life time insurance for being retired teacher, and a salary from his work with Salmon Ventures??? He’ll make a good Puppet for the Dems. By the way does anyone know how many PENSIONS Mr. Baliki get????

  9. Guess-Who says:

    I believe it is 3 Pensions for the Co-Chairman 🙂

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