Lou apparently still stalking his mistress

Two images – one of her cell-phone displaying texts messages from Lou Magazzu, and the other a detail of  her cell phone bill from June 2011. Ain’t technology great? Everything you do or say these days comes back to haunt you!

Oh Lou, a personal message from me – I sympathize with your pain of having your personal life and affairs dragged into the public forum.  I commiserate – I know exactly how you must be feeling – after all, it did happen to me. Did you know that? Oh wait – of COURSE you know that!


12 Responses to Lou apparently still stalking his mistress

  1. Guess-Who says:

    LMFAO at the Pics of this Non-News Story, Lou Magazzu has got some explaining to do to the Residents of Cumberland County, NJ.

    Who is going to give him a CALL on his Cell Phone ?

    OPRA that Cell Phone Number to see IF it is a County ISSUED Cell Phone.

    Is this his Personal Cell Phone Number or the one the Citizens of Cumberland, NJ are PAYING for ?

    If it turns out to be a Gov’t Issued Phone, All Hell is going to break loose from this.

  2. new2cumberland says:

    Really, what else could it be other than County issued? Where would he get the $$$ for a plan with a Blackberry? Unless he is piggybacking off someone else’s, like exit/uptown reality perhaps?

    Oh and sorry but very off-topic—did anyone read that BEN column today? Comments by M. Shark out of Hopewell were…..sublime. Don’t know what else to say. Like a refreshing sea breeze in this current heat wave.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Isn’t Lou 1 of the 11 Lawyers that Own all the Mobile Home (Trailer) Parks in the State of New Jersey ?
    L{.}{.}K into IT, U might b Surprised at What all Lou has a Stake in.

    Doesn’t he own a piece of Property with a Store Front in the 700 Block of Landis Ave in Vineland ?

    He owns a Solar Company that has received much Attention from MagazzuWatch.com users. 🙂

    U have the Link to the comments made by M.Shark in the BEN today New2cumberland ?

  4. new2cumberland says:

    Guess Who, sorry-having a hard time with the link. I am on the road & with an iPhone.

    Try this, the comment starts with “go home BEN” If you dislike the column you’ll appreciate the comment. Full disclosure on my part—I think the column is rambling rubbish and the fact that this JHummel takes himself so seriously is a pathetic joke. He writes like he is omnipotent, so foolish really. I pretty much dislike everything about BEN except for the occasional PSA’s and vintage photos. The reporter’s voice and manner, along with his blatant favoritism, positioning opinion as fact is yellow journalism, and the majority of his readership really doesn’t seem to care, go figure. As a relative newcomer I certainly cannot.


    Again, sorry for the off-thread topic.

  5. PoliticsSJ says:

    It appears from a reverse phone lookup that the phone is in Lou’s name.

  6. Which phone for which year it can be confusing? I bet he went thru phones like Grant went Thru Richmond? How many different # has he had. When you change # do you change phones?

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Found this Phone Number Here for Lou Magazzu http://www.co.cumberland.nj.us/filestorage/173/directory_2010.pdf

  8. Emil says:

    Because the phone is in his name, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the one paying for it. He could easily submit his bill to the County for reiminbursement since it’s used for “official business.” Here’s “Mr. Shark’s” BEN submission. LOVED IT! (Sheppard was an E-3 Lance Corporal (that’s PFC in the Army), not a corporal, and definitely not still on active duty!

    (FROM “The News Of Cumberland County”, 07/20/11)
    BEN, go home!
    “After last Friday’s four pages of BEN filler, I am finally compelled to take pen in hand.
    “Listen, if Cpl. Edward Sheppard, USMC, could learn how to fart out the National Anthem, BEN would devote a whole page just for that.
    “With pictures, maybe two pages.
    “His racist comments a few months ago referring to the Viet Cong as ‘gooks,’ was uncalled for and should not have been printed.
    “Having family with Asian blood, I was personally offended.
    “Think before you write, moron.
    “Maybe Ed Sheppard, California Connie, Colorado Patti, Gloria E. Cortez, Flavia, and the rest should go get marooned on Gilligan’s Island and start their own show.
    “Of course, they’d have to bring in someone else from out of town to play the professor.
    “Nobody cares what you people think except yourselves and a few of the other chosen ones around here.
    “Let’s face it, if Mexico hadn’t taken over Bridgeton years ago, it would be a ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling all around.
    “Cherish your old memories, folks.
    “That’s all you’ve got left.
    “But at least Millville seems to be thriving.
    “There you go, BEN.
    “You should put on a skirt, go back to Millville, and start calling yourself Holly again.
    “And I’m sure, in the next few days, there’s going to be a response from the good corporal.
    “How he’d like to hunt me down, skin me out and have me for Sunday dinner.
    “Guess what, Shep?
    “I’m way too tough for you to chew.
    “And I don’t need to see every simple-minded notion that pops into my head in print.
    “This is my first and last correspondence.
    “Don’t you think people want to read about what goes on in the real world?
    “Cut the BEN column back to one page and bring back ‘State and Region’ and ‘Nation and World.’
    “BEN is a waste of time, ink and paper.
    “Save the trees for Pete’s sake.
    “Thanks for your time!
    “Beam me up, Scotty.’’
    — M. Shark,
    Hopewell Township

  9. WuLi says:

    Submitting a bill for his own phone is not the same as using a county issued phone. If it is his own phone, he is free to store as much pornography on it as he wishes. He is free to take a many photos of his junk as he wants. I don’t understand why he would want to send pictures of his male unit around to people, but this is America!

    Of course, if he is submitting bills to the county that include personal use, such as his NACo campaign business, or his personal sexting and phone-sex calls, that is a different story.

  10. WuLi I have a guestion? Is there something written by the Republicans when they were in charge of the Cumberland County Board of Choosen called code of conduct? LOU LISTEN UP DO YOU HEAR ME I believe there is such a thing.Director please have your secretary or legal council find it for you.

  11. WuLi I have a guestion? Is there something written by the Republicans when they were in charge of the Cumberland County Board of Choosen Freeholders called code of conduct? LOU LISTEN UP DO YOU HEAR ME I believe there is such a thing.Director please have your secretary or legal council find it for you.

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