For sale, Cumberland County Code of ethics – unused

Code of Ethics for Officials and Employees of the County of Cumberland

The link above is a PDF file of the Cumberland County Code of Ethics. I am sorry, it was sent to me upside down – but that doesn’t really matter because it has never been used. Freeholder Director Bill Whelan has no intentions of abiding by the Code of Ethics. And we know that Lou Magazzu sees it as a challenge to overcome!

Why hasn’t this code of ethics been used? Tony Surace seems to think all is fine with the Democratic Party in Cumberland. he completely ignored the scandals with this statement:

“But this is a new day. Since my retirement has been a void in my life, and I believe that serving as county freeholder will grant me another opportunity to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. If elected, I will adhere to the same principles that defined me as a successful coach and educator – honesty, discipline, integrity, teamwork and a passion for serving others.”

Tony, if you had integrity, you would not have stabbed one of your star athletes, a man that worshiped the ground you walked on, in the back. Tony, I really fear that teamwork word – we now what the Lou Magazzu brand of teamwork is, and it prohibits men and women that might have a sense of morals from standing up for what is right, and towing the Lou Magazzu Party Line as innocent peoples’ lives are chewed up and spit out by the machine. Whelan, the puppet, is not in charge. He has adamantly refused to demand Lou Magazzu’s resignation – his jellyfish-like backbone quivering in his masters shadow.

It is time for real leadership int his county, and it is clear that the Democrats are not up to the task.I fear the ONLY reason that the D’s will do what is right is because this website is going to continue to force the issue.

Whelan needs to begin assuming the role of Freeholder director. Surace needs to approach Jody Farabello and explain his treacherous actions. I had hopes – but it just seem that the Party of D’s in Cumberland insists in wallowing in the quagmire of dirty politics.

3 Responses to For sale, Cumberland County Code of ethics – unused

  1. Calhoun says:

    It is rather remarkable that the DJ article failed to mention Surace’s position with Salmon Ventures Limited (SVL). Talk about incomplete reporting! (Cumberland News’ pieces did mention Surace’s association with SVL.) Of course, SVL is falling all over themselves to announce Tony’s throwing his hat into the ring. Go over to SVL website and see the latest press release for this. The message is of course that Salmon’s SVL will now have a better “in” with county government. Gotta also love this quote from the DJ article: “The Democratic countywide campaign needs to overcome the disruption from decisions by incumbents James Dunkins and Jane Jannarone not to seek a second term as freeholders.” Yeah, those two not running is the main disruption in the Cumberland County Democratic Organization these days! What a laugher! Talk about ignoring the (naked) elephant (or hairy gorilla, take your pick) in the room! The local Democrats these days have adopted Sergeant Schutlz’s (Hogan’s Heroes) credo: “I see nothing — nothing!” Maybe Guess-Who can find us a video of Schultz in action.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Calhoun: Here it is I see; Nothing!

  3. Well I caled on Friday out to the administration building I spoke with someone from the Director’s office. I gave them my name and #. I also informed them about the official code of conduct hand book. I ask them to please bring this to the attention of the Director and he can call me any time. One I almost forgot I also call him last Tuseday and he returned my call. We talked about what has surfaced on the board. He told me he did in deed asked Lou Magazzu to step down and he said no. The Director also said he would not hold a news conference on this because of Lous family not. Because of Lou. I said in the past Lou didn’t care who or who’s family he hurt. The Director then said to me he wasn’t Lou Magazzu. He also said he dosent read this site because not enoubh time in aday. The Director did tell me that he would check into some of the thing I mentioned to him about what I learned from this site. I hope this clears up somethings on why?

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