Lou’s Wiener

As you can see, the original image was taken November 10, 2009 with a R.I.M. Blackberry 9000.

Make Research In Motion
Camera Model Name BlackBerry 9000
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
Modify Date 2009:11:10 09:58:46
1 year, 8 months, 8 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes, 49 seconds ago
Y Cb Cr Positioning Co-sited
Software Rim Exif Version1.00a
Exif Version 0220
Date/Time Original 2009:11:10 09:58:46
1 year, 8 months, 8 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes, 49 seconds ago

I understand that somebody placed an OPRA request for any records related to a county-issued cellphone for Lou. I am informed that calls to a certain number will date back to 2006.

I wonder if he was texting her during County Freeholder meetings? Or was he simply surfing porn to pass the time?


8 Responses to Lou’s Wiener

  1. This is really beyond belief. Was his #back then 609 or 856 304 2033? I know this was his # at one time. This isn’t news, somebody better get there head out of the sand if we were in any other county he would be out of here.

  2. abondroit says:

    Is this the guy who has ruined so many good people? Would our county be better off without this kind of leadership? Has anyone started a petition for him to step down? It’s time for our solicitor to examine the County’s “Ethics” file and act on it. How much worse does it have to get? How much more do we have to take? Throw the bum out.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Can someone make out the piece of paper in the lower left side of the Mirror ?

  4. Rebecca says:

    This is heartbreaking and extremely sad for Carmele,the children and the Magazzu family. Lou,what were u thinking? Must of been the wrong head!

  5. Abondroit say, I believe that the Director has to contact the solicitor to see if Lou has broken the code of conduct. Im sure if you worked for the news paper as an editor and this broke out about you, how long would you be there. Look at the federal govenment (politicians ) when this breaks about them they stepped down. But not in Cumberland county we are made the laughing stock of N.J. I did talk to a news paper editor he told me it was not news worthy because no other news agency has reported on it. Maybe that’s why sometimes they are a day late. Hopefully The Director in the next couple of day will look into the conduct code of county employees. I also believe that a Freeholder should be held at a higher standard. DO YOU HEAR ME LOU. This what you use to say to me on the radio remember . You use to say NOW ALEX LISTEN CLOSELY DO YOU HERE ME.

  6. Embarassed resident says:

    Lou appointed his incompetent Millville city chairman as county solictor. Kavanaugh added on to his house knowing he would get the appointment while the board was supposedly accepting proposals for the legal services. There is no chance he wiil rule against Lou on this one. He is making too much taxpayer money for that.

  7. Nevermore says:

    One week after he was barely re-elected to the Freeholder Board, he proves how unfit he has always been to serve in public office.

  8. john q public says:

    I zoomed in on the paper in the corner, it’s too bad I couldn’t read the text, but the graphics on the left side of the sheet are of butterflies. Looked like an invitation of some kind.

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