Beware of treachery from “friends”

I just received this tidbit of insider news. It seems that Nancy Sungenis has been given the task of Facebook Patrol. Her job is to befriend ex-patriot Cumberland Dem’s on Facebook, and report back to the hierarchy. If you are among the ranks, just know and understand that you are being spied upon, by order of Balicki and Long.

Lou Magazzu’s authority and respectability in local politics dropped quickly, almost as quick as his pants.  But don’t think for one moment that there are not others out there, just as treacherous. The Cumberland County Democratic Party is now totally owned by Norcross. Ed Salmon’s recent activity should be enough to give anybody pause. Salmon see dollar signs with the recruitment of Tony Surace – and Surace apparently has no problem with what his “winning” party has done to this county in the past three decades of pillaging to enrich political cronies.

Tony wants a Democratic “sweep” because he has no problem with Cumberland County having the highest unemployment (as long as his buddy Ed Salmon gets his due). Surace could not care less about the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state – Mississipppi laughs at us. He praises his Cumberland Dems, and their culture of pillaging to enrich special interests, while pretending to be socially conscious. Sure, toss hundreds of thousands of dollars Al Kelly’s way, pretend to be doing something other than lining his pockets.

Tony is well-versed in the ways of treachery – having stabbed his student in the back. Farabello is  a man that respected Surace, and considered him a father-figure only to be betrayed. But I digress. This is about Nancy Sungenis – if you are an ex-patriot Dem and she has befriended you on Facebook recently – beware. Treacherous acts lay around the corner.


19 Responses to Beware of treachery from “friends”

  1. baba says:

    lets not get paranoid now. Nancy has some good traits and she did oppose Lou in the last election.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Baba: LMFAO at ur Comments 🙂

  3. Calhoun says:

    Yeah, Nancy is nice but actions speak louder than words, or, in this case, some words speak louder than other words. To prove my point, let’s go back to September 21, 2009. Nancy Sungenis (Vice Chair Cumberland County Democratic Organization) was the lead signature (the other signers being Jose Velez, NJ State Democratic Committee; Maribel Rodriguez, Chair, Vineland Democratic Organization; Brendan Kavanagh, Chair, Millville Democratic Organization; Todd Edwards, Chair, Bridgeton Democratic Organization) in a letter to the editor. The last paragraph of the letter stated the following: “We have not forgotten the lack of respect they [Jane Christy, Jen (one “n” not two) Swift, Bruce Peterson] demonstrated to Democrats from Cumberland County when they [Christy, Swift, Peterson] served as freeholders. We will also not forget that they [Christy, Swift, Peterson] are now traitors to the organization and its ideals. We hope you do not forget either.”

    Well, Nancy, I haven’t forgotten — no, not that Christy, Swift, and Peterson were traitors (they never were) — that your name was on this letter. A letter that made serious charges against three people whose only “crime” was that they were trying to clean up the political cesspool that Lou created. Here we are two years later, and, thanks to Lou and his defenders, that cesspool is still here and it stinks worse than ever (“How smelly is it?” the Johnny Carson fans ask. Well, imagine a lone Port-o-Potty after a taco eating contest in which the contestants were Marlon Brando, later in life, Elvis Presley, later in life, John Goodman, Rosie Greer, Orson Wells, James Coco, Dom DeLuise, Diamond Jim Brady, and, to throw a bone to the ladies, Lillian Russell).

    Those words published on September 21, 2009, speak a helluva lot louder than any nicey-nice prattle one may hear or read today.

    On another note, baba, you stated that Nancy opposed Lou in the last election. What evidence do you have for this assertion? I don’t recall her ever speaking out against the Pepitone and Thompson ticket — Lou’s ticket. Silence is not opposition; rather, it lends consent.

  4. Who knew? says:

    We can hear the bitterness in Calhoun’s remarks. That bitterness goes out far and wide in this county. What is Sungenis going to say to them? Is she going to be the first to sign a published letter apologizing to some of the county’s first-right very upstanding citizens? Until that happens, many will not cross the line and rejoin the ranks. Nice try Dems. But, Lou is not gone yet. Nothing changes until he goes.

  5. tom rabbit says:

    Speaking of Al Kelly and tri-county did u read today that his employees got caught and found guilty of stealing from the state heating oil assistants program. Al immediatly distances himself by saying he brought this to the state attention, but in fact it was a angry employee who drop the dime. Probably because they were not getting there cut.

  6. Jennifer Swift says:

    Nancy Sungenis told me that she did NOT sign the letter and told Brendan Kavanagh that she didn’t wish to. Which means that either Brendan forged or copied her signature, or Nancy is not telling the truth. I really believe that her signature was copied and placed on the letter, but I also believe that Nancy should have stood up publicly and denounced it as forgery. What kind of organization puts up with this stuff? The silence is deafening.

  7. Calhoun says:

    The link the latest Kelly story over at NJ dot com: .

    While over at NJ dot com you may also want to check out the story on college presidents ( Pretty damning stuff. There is a link to the contract for Cumberland County College president Thomas Isekenegbe. Dr. Isekenegbe is among the lowest paid county college presidents in the state as would be expected, since Cumberland County is among the poorest counties in the state. Nonetheless, I can’t help questioning two provisions in his contract.

    Besides his $150,000 salary — good scratch for Cumberland Co. — the following two clauses are present:

    1. “…the Board of Trustees shall pay the employee contribution to a 403B account not to exceed a Board of Trustees contribution of $20,000 per annum. The Board will further pay the 5% employee contribution to the Alternative Benefits Program.

    2. “… the President shall be paid a housing allowance of …$6,000… per year.

    I don’t get it. How can the “employer” of Dr. Isekenegbe — CCC — make the “employee” contributions to his 403B and ABP? Keep in mind the “employer” already makes the “employer” contributions to these benefit programs. Also, why a housing allowance for a job in Cumberland County? I don’t begrudge the President of CCC making 150K. However, these clauses bring this package way above $150K, and, at that point, I do question it, especially given the economic straits this County is in.

    Call me dumb, but I thought employee contributions were supposed to be made by the employee. These contracts are cleverly designed to make it look as though the presidents make less than they actually do. The devil is indeed in the details.

    As we all know Lou made a big deal that no county appointed elected position should be making more than 75K/year. yet we see here someone making well over (factoring in the benefits) twice that much. Keep in mind members of the CCC Board of Trustees are appointed by the Freeholders.

  8. Calhoun says:

    I agree with Jen’s theory on what probably took place with the letter. However, we’ll never know for sure until someone goes public. Right now the only public item is the letter with the five signatures, including Nancy’s.

    On another matter the Freeholder’s have their meeting this week, and, at this meeting, I believe they will be making four appointments. Three are as follows: John Redkoles as 9-1-1 Coordinator, Marcia Shepard as CFO, Connie Cossaboon to Citizens Local Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (I believe the appointee’s last name is misspelled on the draft resolution unless it has been fixed). The fourth is an appointment to the CCIA to replace Clair Miller for the remainder of his term. Why hasn’t the name of the CCIA proposed appointment been released? Another pocket resolution; the more things change, the more they stay the same..

  9. Amused says:

    What job is Claire getting? His only motive to be on the CCIA was to get rid of Steve Wymbs. Claire wanted an $85,000 a year low or no show job at the agency. Wymbs is now gainfully employed as a municapal administrator and clerk. One thing is for sure, he will do better job than that other CCIA Board member that was put there to fire Wymbs. The administrator/clerk of Fairfield Township. Bet Wymb’s town does more shared services that no show Veight did for the ounty and will ever do for Fairfield.

  10. Former old Friend says:

    This story reminds one of a Beatle’s song. Norwegian Wood.
    For old friends of Nance’s.

    I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me

  11. new2cumberland says:

    Amused, Sorry, is Wymbs in Fairfield now??? Like you I am pretty sure that he will do a better job than the usual around here, but if he is in Fairfield I am just a little surprised that he would still want to be under this sphere of influence…. Thanks.

  12. Guess-Who says:

    Enjoy the Rare Footage 🙂

  13. Amused says:

    Wymbs has been hired by Pittsgrove Township . Now works in Salem County.
    Near, but out if the clutches of the CCIA sleazes and Louie the weinerman.

  14. Calhoun about the contract for the new President of CCC. Where is the famous Fran Rielly I hope I spelled his name correctly. Let’s here from him didn’t he have something to do with this contract. Why all the add on’s. If Im not mistaken didn’t Lou make a big deal about 6 figure salaries. This county is getting worse than ever. Now the Democracts want you. Sounds like a jingle. Did Lou came up with this being in Washigto DC with the Pesident and Vice President. What’s the old saying if it sounds to good stay away because its no good.

  15. Calhoun says:

    Francis Reilly is too busy writing his Monday column for the DJ to deal with CCC matters. In my home, Francis’s column competes with BEN for the bird liner or fish wrapping. Hmmm, should I let Polly shit on BEN and wrap the fish in Francis or vice versa. Ahhh, decisions, decisions. There is one thing worse than the Ds who defend Lou and that’s the Rs who defend Lou, and Fran is a big time Lou arse kisser.

    Seriously I don’t think Francis is on the CCC Board of Trustees anymore. I believe Charles Brett is the current Chair of the Board. Brett used to be with Millville Board of Education. When I was a kid there he was basically the truant officer, known by the students as “Mr. Hard Ass”. When you played hooky Brett would call home and I would have to disguise my voice to sound like my grandmother. I would say, in my best granny voice (while juggling a Pop Tart, beer and cigarette), “Oh, yes, Haystacks is home deathly ill in bed. We’re not sure he will pull through.” My brother was a good forger (no he had nothing to do with the “traitor” letter) and provided the doctor’s notes upon my return to school (my brother’s advice when actually visiting the doctor’s: “make sure to steal some blank stationery”). Once my friends and I got drivers’ licenses, we would combine hooky with bogus phone calls to the school. For example, my friend would play hooky and then call the school impersonating my father and informing the school that Haystacks had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment. My friend would then pick me up and — voila — the day was free. We then would proceed to head home and complain there was nothing to do.

    Remember, I was a youth when I engaged in such questionable activities and I outgrew this phase — unlike some of our freeholders who apparently never grew up.

    Alex, I don’t think the Ds want me. My nickname for Balicki is “Queen Bee”. I have been busting on Lou for years. I called Nancy on her “traitor” letter and Brendan on his “my job is not a plum” letter. (note to Brendan: your job as solicitor is a plum. Plum, plum plum. It’s a plum.). I called Joe Peptione and Nelson Thompson a couple of “big fat lemons.” And that’s not even mentioning my rants about “Judge” Gary Wodlinger. I hear he is no longer assigned to Cumberland County. Rather, he is now the judge of the Munchkins’ Lollipop Guild. Actually, he has been transferred to Salem County, where he is rendering serious rulings on eggplant, spinach, the Cowtown Rodeo, Ye Olde Centerton Inn, the Hancock House, Eatmor Market, and Exit One of the New Jersey Turnpike.

    Why am I Democrat again?

  16. baba says:

    some touchy people here. Nancy has integrity even if some don’t think so. Things get written during campaigns, on both sides and most of it is crap. Insiders know who pushed back and who didn’t.
    Jenn is mostly correct
    Gary is a decent judge
    Bren has a super easy plumb job
    Wymbs was and is over rated
    jody isn’t a contender
    Tony is capable
    Salmon is behind Tony
    Kelly is too big to fail

  17. mumbles says:

    Francis Reilly is a long time friend of Lou much like Paul is in Millville. They seem on the surface to have different political opinions but their core values are the same, and I don’t mean in a good way. Scratch the surface, smell the rot.

  18. Fishville says:

    Restaurant City…

    Beware of treachery from “friends” « Louis N. Magazzu Watch…

  19. service says:


    […]Beware of treachery from “friends” « MWatch[…]…

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