Why is Freeholder Director Whelan silent?

  Why is Bill Whelan silent?

He must endorse Lou Magazzu, and by default, Lou’s action.  Or else he is in such lack of a backbone that he turns into a pile of blubber whenever “TheBigMan” is around.

However, he accepted a responsibility and a duty by becoming Freeholder Director. That is a duty he apparently takes lightly.

The Lou “Wiener” scandal is several weeks old now. Whelan is silent – he refuses to demand that Lou Magazzu resign from the Freeholder Board.

I am still not certain that the Blackberry that certain images were photographed with, and sent on, is county (public) property or not. I would wager a guess that Whelan does know, however. If this phone is county-issue – then Lou Magazzu MUST be publicly reprimanded for gross misuse of public property.  And by gross I mean – well, you’ve seen the pictures!


One Response to Why is Freeholder Director Whelan silent?

  1. ignatz says:

    Whalen was a hope for the people of Cumberland County when he first ran and was elected. However, he soon became a dissapointment demonstrating time and time again that he was beholding to Magazzu. I would be very surprised if he took a stance. However, not only he, but the entire Democratic “Team” should be asked to defend why they are not asking for Magazzu’s resignation. It should haunt them throughout the campaign. If they want to be leaders of this county, then they should step up to the plate in this and publicly distance themselves from Magazzu and his actions.

    Unfortunately the decision of Magazzu’s resignation is not in the hands of those running for election. It is with Balicki and Long and their bosses. If Magazzu steps down before the election they will have to find another candidate to run for his unexpired term. They struggled finding candidates this year to replace Jannerone and Dunkins. So don’t look for Magazzu to resign until after the election so the democrats can name a person of their choice to replace him and not have the general public decide, which is where it should be!

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