Are you ready to step up to a plate full of propaganda?

We received this piece of propaganda in the mail today. The Cumberland County Democratic Party is looking for “fresh faces and new ideas”. But, the entire party has been completely silent on the antics of one of their “old faces”. Oh wait, that wasn’t his face…

The second page is filled with lies. It claims that this party wants to “make Cumberland County affordable for our families by holding the line on taxes, slashing government waste …”

They had over 30 years to do so, and all they did was increase spending by incredible amounts, and raised taxes every year, unless Lou Magazzu was up for election. Cronyism and nepotism abounds, and while the party will unite to slander a non-candidate as they did during last years campaign season – they are strangely silent and forgiving of their fearless puppeteer, Lou Magazzu.

They talk about making “a positive impact in your community” and refuse to confront Lou Magazzu, and force his resignation. Their silence is nothing more than approval of his actions. I urge all democrats that received this card to call Tara Genay (856) 848-6440 (or email her at and encourage the party to force Lou’s removal, and make the gutless and complicit Bill Whelan step down. Bill Whelan accepted the position of Freeholder Director and REFUSES to do the job he was appointed to perform. hand the position over to somebody that has the guts to actually act like a Director, and who will refuse to continue to take marching orders from Magazzu.


6 Responses to Are you ready to step up to a plate full of propaganda?

  1. online500 says:

    Most would agree that somewhere in their heart, that there should be some connection between what you believe and how you behave, what you advocate for others and how you live yourself.

  2. tom rabbit says:

    Who would replace Lou and how would that be handled? Is Lou waiting to name his successor? Who makes the appointment since the board is split?

  3. Like they say if it sounds to good then stay away, or if it smells stay away. This is were the sheep will be flocking. It sounds good to them and it smells they will jump rite on it. If you think im kidding just watch. The Dems just offer so much free food and spirits they (the sheep) can’t restist.

  4. new2cumberland says:

    Spirits in the form of that stuff that Riley DO & his wife produce???? Since the Assemblywoman was unable to get the bill she co-sponsored through, to allow vineyards to sell direct to consumer,that product must be piling up…….

  5. WuLi says:

    If there is any question where the Cumberland County Democrats’ loyalty lay – just visit their website:

    That page says it all! They are unapologetic, unrepentant, and in your face about this scandal.

    They will band together and slander a non-candidate, dragging his family into their filthy political mudslinging. But when it comes to their own, they maintain a wall of silence, protecting him, and going on their merry ways as if the public will forget.

  6. Calhoun says:

    Gotta love this sentence: “We need fresh leaders to help continue our progress.” Fresh leaders? You mean fresh like Lou? Based on Carl’s research findings it would seem Lou has been rather fresh, but not in a good way. Like the front of the mailing, it would seem he also had his eye on getting to home plate, but again not in a good way. Note to the CCDO’s PR people: When you’re trying to run from a scandal like this one, don’t use the word “fresh” and a picture of home plate in your propaganda. Hope the CCDO didn’t pay much for this impotent literature.

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