Gateway Community Action Center aka Tri-County fiasco

The local media is apparently protecting their man Al Kelly in the same manner they protect Lou Magazzu. This story made news in the Gloucester County Times, the News is apparently ignoring it.

Following a recent slew of fraud scandals at an area Gateway Community Action Partnership office, the non-profit’s leader says the schemes don’t signify a widespread problem for his agency.

Albert Kelly, who heads the group formerly known as Tri-County Community Action Partnership, said the ex-employees who have received prison terms for their roles weren’t typical of Gateway workers throughout the agency’s service area.

Okay – so FIVE different people, three related and two unrelated, aren’t “typical”…  I will believe that story when Al Kelly comes out and tells the truth about who actually reported the wrongdoing. “These were cases of greed, of course,” he added. “But sooner or later, the system always catches up to them …” Well, the system catches up with them unless they are bilking the system legally and taking home six-figure salaries. There are quite a few six-figure salaries at Gateway. That is pretty obscene for the poorest county in the state – that money could actually be going to help poor people, instead of lining the pockets of greedy people.


2 Responses to Gateway Community Action Center aka Tri-County fiasco

  1. Calhoun says:

    If it’s not bad enough that the Cumberland News (formerly the Bridgeton Evening News) won’t pick up an article that negatively covers Bridgeton Mayor Kelly’s nonprofit company Gateway (formerly Tri-County), the News just posted this puff piece about Kelly’s Gateway ( I guess Hummel is following Sergeant Schultz’s advice as well. “I see nothing! I know nothing! I did not even get up this morning!”

  2. Calhoun says:

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that this week’s Freeholder Board meeting will not be one to be missed. Hopefully, some will attend and report back to the MWatch site. I would go, but hot weather and a 601-pound frame don’t mix. I will try and send out a recorder, if Queen Bee Balicki and Jimmy Sauro promise to shut their pieholes and not to have a gabfest that prevents me from hearing the actual proceedings.

    There are three things that could or should be commented on at this week’s freeholder meeting.

    First is the elephant in the room which is Lou. Who knows if he will be there or not but his problems must be brought up. Perhaps the safest way to address this is to mention the cell phone in the photos. If that is a county issued phone or has a county issued calling plan attached to it then Lou is toast big time, regardless of what or whom he was photographing.

    Second is Kelly and Gateway. Gateway is on the agenda this week as there is a need to amend a contract with them to give them a few hundred ($600 or so, I forget the actual number) extra dollars. Small potatoes, but it does provide an opening to broach this subject. Kelly’s Gateway has problems big time and yet Cumberland Co. continues to dole out the big bucks to Gateway with no questions asked. The time has come to start asking questions.

    Third is the CCIA. A resolution has been drafted appointing a successor to Clair Miller, but the name of this person is missing in the resolution. Thus, the CCIA resolution is a pocket resolution. Yeah the resolution is out there, but that means nothing if the public is not made aware of whom the Freeholder Board plans to nominate.

    This week’s Freeholder meeting — be there or be square or too fat that you can’t get out of your chair. The latter would be me.

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