Bill Whelan’s county administrators still covering Lou Magazzu’s … butt

An OPRA request was filed with Cumberland County requesting information on any county issued cell phone to Lou Magazzu.

This request is important. If Lou was using a county issued phone to take salacious photos of himself, and also using it to transmit these pornographic photos, we have a problem.

Today, the county failed to answer that OPRA request by the legally mandated deadline.

The only reason in  my mind is that Ken Mecouch and other Lou Magazzu cronies are rushing, trying to cover up his indiscretions.

A recent post by one of our readers infers that Bill Whelan asked Lou to resign, and is actually taking action. I sincerely doubt that is true, based on  this email correspondence.

In fact, the County Democrats are doing everything in their power to squash this story. proved that some of these photos were in fact taken on a specific model of Blackberry cell phone. The hesitation of the county to provide the public with information that is unarguably our right to know reeks of a cover-up.



3 Responses to Bill Whelan’s county administrators still covering Lou Magazzu’s … butt

  1. I would hope that there is an explanation for the delay. On Tuseday the Director said he thought there mite be something going on about the opra rguest. I explained to him what I had read on here. Also told him this wasn’t a pimple going to burst but a boil and when it burst all that s___ would come out, he would be on the top of it. That is going to be a nasty ride.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Whelan surfing a wave of pus from a burst boil — ol’ Alex sure knows how to paint a lovely picture. I too am, for now, an willing to give Whelan the benefit of the doubt about regarding the delay, and accept that he did indeed ask Lou to resign. It is at least conceivable that the Ds are getting ready to take a stand against Lou and they’re simply getting their ducks in a row (and one duck may include the OPRA matter). For many of us, it may be too little too late, but nonetheless something may be in the works.

    This process could be nudged along by people coming out to the freeholder meeting on Tuesday and speaking up. (Dean Hawk could use some company besides Nancy Ridgeway.) In fact, the mere presence of a lot of people at the start of the meeting could set the tone. One thing is for sure, the start of tomorrow’s meeting will be alive with anticipation.

    Will Lou be there? If so, will he speak? Will his trusty Blackberry be there. Will Lou text during the meeting? What will the Rs say? What will the Ds say? What will the public say? How will it end? Will there be fireworks? Will it be a dud?

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting episode of “As the World of Cumberland County Turns” sponsored by QES Energy Solutions and the National Democratic County Officials.

  3. baba says:

    The real question is will the R’s say anything? If they do are they exposing themselves to similar exposes? Everyone has something in the closet or background. The real question is what will the R’s do, not the D’s. An interesting back game includes the possibility of a backlash. Lou would still lose but the D’s might get stronger.

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