Lou Magazzu’s Blackberry

It seems that it takes a public announcement of wrongdoing on this website in order to force Cumberland County personnel to obey the law.

And OPRA request was filed with a rather simple and reasonable request – information on any County-issued cell phone to lou Magazzu, or expenses reimbursed.

It took the county a full week to respond with an obscure email claiming they needed more time. This county is NOT that big! The request was NOT out of the ordinary. Cumberland County bureaucrats were apparently working overtime finding ways to delay, trying to save their boss’s proverbial butt!

It was not until this website made their illegal activity public that they came up with a half-hearted reply. The letter is vague, because apparently the records are buried deep in some vault beneath the county courthouse.

We do, however, show record of Mr. Magazzu being issued a County cell phone (blackberry) from the period of January 2008 through February 2009. These records are in storage and additional time is required for processing.

In the words of  The Church Lady, “How conveeenient”. These records are being sought AFTER the scheduled Freeholder Meeting. This is an obvious ploy to protect Bill Whelan from embarrassing questions, let alone the questions that will be asked of Lou Magazzu, if he even shows his face.

Which brings us to the cell phone. The letter doesn’t specify if he had a county-issued cell-phone prior to, or after those dates stated. It doesn’t specifically state that he didn’t have a county-issued cell-phone before or after, either. This is a critical point. The photos that we have were taken on a Blackberry, but after the dates they admit Lou was issued a cell-phone. Is the Blackberry he took these photos on county-issued, and is the county purposely evading the question through simple omission?

MagazzuWatch promises to keep digging until the facts are uncovered.


One Response to Lou Magazzu’s Blackberry

  1. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks for your persistence. I don’t know how you do it. The whole thing is so surreal almost. It is so unbelievable that there isn’t one news story, or anything on this inappropriate behavior. It is so disappointing that the local press, with the exception of MW does not want to hold these people accountable for anything. Murders in Bridgeton? Hold a meeting—- cause that terrifies criminals…..well maybe if they had to sit through one…..

    Did you ever think of starting/ running one of those Patch things?

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