Cumberland County GOP Chairman Called Out Unethical Conduct of Democrat Freeholder

Cumberland County GOP Chairman Robert Greco called out Democrats at last night’s Freeholder meeting on ethical concerns of one Democrat Freeholder. During the public comment portion of last night’s Freeholder meeting, Greco asked Freeholder Director Whelan if there was an ethical committee formed.

Whelan responded that the Freeholder Board will be going into Executive Session to discuss this matter. Greco went on to say that the only matters to be discussed in Executive Session are ones that involve personnel or legal issues. Greco went on to further say that one must wonder why this Executive Session has to occur.

Chairman Greco will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the matter will be reviewed and that action will be taken. Greco concluded that Cumberland County residents deserve better leadership and that they have had enough of the good-ol’-boy Democrat tactics of keeping its public out of the loop. “We deserve better,” he said.

“Stay tuned”, Greco touted. “This episode will lead into much more of what is happening in the Democratic Party and its newest misconduct”.

“Purpose: The purpose of this code is to establish ethical standards of conduct for all officials, elected or appointed, as well as all employees of Cumberland County, in order that the citizens of Cumberland County be served with integrity, honor and with the highest standards of morality” – Code of Ethics for Officials and Employees of the County of Cumberland.

2 Responses to Cumberland County GOP Chairman Called Out Unethical Conduct of Democrat Freeholder

  1. My guestion would be now why did they allow Magazzu to go in close session because this would pretaining to him. I believe they need 3 members from the public. Magazzu was director for a long time. Why didn’t he appiont members then. Listen closely Lou incompetent. Incompetent Lou that is why we are at the top of all the wrong list. Director Whalen I was hoping you would have done the rite thing but I see politics as usuall. Incompetent leaders. Why didn’t council speak up?

  2. Byelou says:

    If Lou is able to control Cumberland law enforcement, the county administrator, and the press, this entire coverup needs to be reviewed by a state-wide prosecutor appointed by the governor, and a grand jury should review the evidence for prosecution of Magazzu. You won’t get justice at the county level.

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