Donate to the Carl B. Johnson Legal Defense Fund

I received this correspondence from an attorney today. Why Lou thinks he is representing me in a matter that does not yet exist, I cannot fathom.

Anyway, I am prepared for the worst. I have no representation, and it appears that I will be needing it soon. No donation is too small. I know one thing for certain, I will need a professional lawyer, and there is no way I will accept legal defense from a county-paid attorney.  I have been through Cumberland County so-called justice, and I can tell you first-hand that some of the judges are corrupt, and anyone that has ever been associated with Lou Magazzu is tainted.

Here is some back-story that I have not made public.

Lou Magazzu had a conversation with a newspaper reporter where he admitted that he involved Sheriff Bob Austino and others in my arrest last year right before Christmas. this is third-hand information, but I have no reason to doubt the person that relayed it to me.

Lou admitted that he orchestrated an arrest warrant being signed bu Judge Gary Wodlinger the afternoon before I was due in court. Lou admitted that the Sheriff, Bob Austino, hand-selected the arresting officers, so that I would be given the royal treatment. Lou also admitted that warden Balicki was told to ensure that I was put in the worst part of the jail. I was in solitary confinement from Friday morning until Monday Evening. I was denied my right to make a phone call, either to my girlfriend or to my lawyer.

Why am I making this information public now, months after the fact? I can see the writing on the wall. When this eventually goes to court, and I am certain it will, there will be no justice or fairness on my behalf in Cumberland, Gloucester or Camden vicinages. I am certain that the appointed judge will be hand-picked.

I have less than $100 in savings, not really enough to pay for decent legal counsel. So I am humbly requesting donations.  I will reguarly update our fans on the amount given, and expenditures.

This is clearly an affront to my first amendment rights of free speech and free press. Lou’s lawyer seems to think that free speech and free press ought to be bridled based on a person’s motives. That is an atrocious argument, spurious at the core.  If the press and speech were to be constitutionally censored due to motives, there would be no Fox News.

As far as their over-reaching on the statute that they are fraudulently using, I did not take those photographs of Lou. That statute specifically addresses voyeurism. I am not a voyeur. Well, not of Lou’s naked body, at least!

Lou is the person that took those photographs, and he is the person that initially distributed them via the internet. at the point that he gave possession to another person, he relinquished all rights to privacy. It is the same as if he mailed hard copies of photographs to another person -once they came into possession of them, they were free to do with them as they please. The only caveat is if Lou and the other person had a contractual agreement that the photographs remained solely his property, and that the uses therein were limited by said contract.

The posting of the abridged photographs on this website does not violate any law, whatsoever. But still, Lou threatened me with extortion, via go-betweens. That is a criminal act, if I understand the law. I was informed that he would not pursue legal action if I removed the photos from the site. I wanted that in writing, and removed the posts in good-faith. Lou broke his end of the deal, and refused to submit in writing thathe would not pursue legal action.

Lou is an elected public official, and so the claims of “defamation” are too, spurious. I provided evidence of the stalking, images of the text-messages. And, I have had conversations with the party that feels he is stalking her. Based on those conversations and the scanned images, I believe I am more than justified in reaching that conclusion.

Also, my refernce to “stalking” had nothing to do with reference to a statutory crime or infraction, but rather a term to describe actions on the part of Mr. Magoo Magazzu that would fit the very broad Webster’s definition of “stalking’.

intransitive verb
: to pursue quarry or prey stealthily

Anyway, let the games begin. Lou Magazzu is not the first politician to be caught with his pants down. I am guilty only of exposing the truth. I may be the first whistle-blower, however, to be persecuted and illegally prosecuted to fulfilling my duty as a citizen and watchdog.


8 Responses to Donate to the Carl B. Johnson Legal Defense Fund

  1. mumbles says:

    The Donate button didn’t work! Did Lou do that? You just can’t trust anyone.

  2. WuLi says:

    Use the first button, the second one doesn’t work and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

  3. Richard Hoch says:

    Stay the course! Mr. Magzoo is full of crap. He’s caught and barking. Too F-in bad.
    I will send to the defense fund.
    Please post a P.O Box for direct checks.

  4. WuLi says:

    Unfortunately I cannot afford a PO Box – but checks may be sent to Carl B. Johnson, 415 Sassafras St., Millville NJ 08332.

    Stay tuned for a potential upcoming fundraiser. And – I have a few original oil paintings that I will offer to any contributor that gives $500 to the fund.

  5. Byelou says:

    The truth is an absolute defense. Take the photos to the Attorney General and ask them to investigate this matter. Also, there has to be some agency in NJ that investigates unethical behavior by elected officials, and the person who provided the photos to you is a witness, along with any other women he has sent these photos to. If he sues you civilly, and you have nothing, that’s what he gets…nothing but a piece of paper. Before he gets that piece of paper, there will have to be a highly publicized trial, where the pics will come into evidence. Don’t let him intimidate you.

  6. Byelou says:

    Who will be supplying the wieners for the fund-raiser?

  7. Dan says:

    Soon as I get my pension direct deposit (by Saturday), I got you Carl!

  8. Carl stand your ground.intimidation at its best. It was ok as you stated the attack on you having to spend aweekend in jail. Maybe some higher lawenforement agency should investagate who,how and why you were incarnated. If all is tru then all three invovled should have to spend sometime away from home. We need Sherrif Barruzza back. Do you here me Lou. Barruzza for Sherrif and he can reclaim the jail back. I believe the warden should step down. Of course polictics at its best in Cumberland County.

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