Is Magazzu-Watch anti-Democrat?

For the record, I am a registered Republican. I am an active Republican, supporting our slate of candidates, volunteering when my time allows. At the polls, however, I vote my conscience. I pull the lever for who I believe will be the best candidate. I am not a straight-ticket voter. No single party has all of the answers, or all of the most-qualified candidates. I believe people that vote party-line are shallow, and reckless with their freedom.

My two original partners-in-crime with this website are now, and always have been hard-core Democrats. One of my closest and most-trusted advisers, Calhoun, is a fairly liberal Democrat, according to his own admission.

Why do I bring this up? This website seems like a republican tool, with a lot of my anti-Democrat rhetoric. However, please, please read between the lines. When we reference Democrats on this website, we are referring specifically to the Camden County and Cumberland County corrupt Democratic Machine.

Lou Magazzu is not longer in a position of power over local party politics, because he didn’t entirely kowtow to Norcross’ every whim. Lou was on his own power-trip, his over-inflated ego causing him to believe he was a peer of Norcross, and not merely an underling. As we watch his authority slowing stripped away (poetically, sort of like his clothing) we also see two Norcross pawns placed in charge of the Cumberland County Party.  Trust me, I know Balicki personally, and like him as a person. But I also know that he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Watch the Camden money flow into the Cumberland County Democratic Party coffers this year. Norcross will spend mad-money to maintain control in this county. If there is even a one-Republican domination of the Freeholder Board, Norcross’ hold is weakened.

Why are our current Democrat leaders reluctant to confront Lou and his shenanigans? Why do they try to cover-up about the Blackberry? As we watch national political figures around the country step down for much less, our elected Democrats laugh in our faces. Why? I will let you in on my suspicions.

If Lou Magazzu is forced to resign prior to September, there is yet another empty slot on the ticket. There is now one more chance that a Democrat seat will be lost. They cannot risk this. If Lou resigns after the deadline, however, they are free to appoint whatever political hack they want. We will once again have an unelected Democrat, shades of Nelson Thompson, in office causing irreparable harm to the process.

Bill Whelan is refusing to force Lou’s resignation because he scoffs at the county voters. On his little power-trip he thinks he is going to pull one over on the residents of Cumberland County, with yet another appointed political crony – taking away our constitutional right to elect our own leaders. It is far past time to put an end to these political games that harm the process.


One Response to Is Magazzu-Watch anti-Democrat?

  1. Calhoun says:

    It is true I am a rather liberal D. I will provide just one example below as to why I sometimes post here.

    Back in October of 2010, I reported on Mwatch the following story on campaign contributions. On 8 June 2010, ten people, not from this county, Kirk Applegate, L. Jarred Corn, Richard Culbertson, John Dailey, Joseph Hoffmann, James Miles Jr., Todd Saler, Nina Sorello, Michael Welding, and Harry Wills, all chose to give $500 to the Pepitone/Thompson campaign. They all work for the same accounting firm: Bowman & Company, LLP from Voorhees, New Jersey! Rather incredible wouldn’t you say that ten out-of-county people on the same day all independently chose to pony up $500 to the Pepitone/Thompson campaign? On 6 January 2011, the freeholders awarded a contract to Bowman for $156,000 for auditing services. To be fair Bowman’s bid was the low bid received (by a little under $7K) but the award was not made using the competitive bid process.

    Of course, one would have to be an idiot to think that these ten out-of-county people all decided to give the same amount of money on the same day to the same campaign. Rather it is much more reasonable to assume that Bowman & Co. orchestrated this, and thus gamed the campaign contribution process.

    To me this pattern of campaign contributions is newsworthy. However, no paper reported on this questionable contribution pattern. The freeholders unanimously awarded the contract to Bowman with no D or R raising the campaign contributions as an issue.However, it was reported here, along with dozens and dozens of other questionable activities that the local news media and freeholders refuse to address.

    I am a D but my loyalty lies chiefly with my values and principles and not my political party. People who place loyalty to party over their own values become party hacks and are vulnerable to corruption. Too many in my party locally have done just that. So, on Election Day it looks like I will be voting for the Rs again at both the county and state level. The Ds have been in power too long.

    To me, the site is not so much anti-D as it is anti-bad government. Magazzu has been the focus because he has long been the straw that stirs Cumberland County’s dirty political drink. And Carl is the straw that stirs the MWatch drink.

    In the beginning, I was uneasy with Carl playing a large role with MWatch. My concern was he had too many personal reasons (good ones for sure) to be against Lou. However, I have changed my mind. Carl has kept this thing alive now for three almost three years, and if it weren’t for him the site would have no doubt foundered. He is a self-admitted rabble-rouser who occasionally says and does things that make some wince (but he has never censored opposing views). And this no doubt is a reason behind MWatch’s success. No one would read a blog by a fat ex-wrestler that is limited to detailed reports on campaign contributions or one by a tropical fruit that is limited to reviews of books like the Soprano State, or one by a ’60-‘70s Canadian rock band that is limited to music video recommendations on YouTube.

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