Support your local Rabble-Rouser

Call me an Art-whore or what you will. I don’t ask for something for nothing.

I have put a call out for donations for my legal defense fund. And Mom, don’t you dare give a penny!

I am expecting that ex-patriot Dems (or, in Lou Magazzu terminology – traitors) will give the lion’s share. I expect that Republicans that are benefiting by me being the scapegoat will chip in also.

In order to sweeten the pot, I am willing to give the first person that donates $500 or more an original oil painting. Up for bid – Cap’t Tony’s in Key West.  Donate using my Paypal link already posted, or mail me a check. Shipping and handling will be included.


4 Responses to Support your local Rabble-Rouser

  1. WuLi says:

    I have received two cash donations already. Last night an anonymous supporter gave me $250,

    Today, another anonymous supporter donated $500, and raised a challenge.

    This supporter said to leave the painting for the first person that matches their $500.

  2. WuLi says:

    7PM, Thursday:
    Today I rec’d two promises of $500 contributions, in addition to the $250 I rec’d last night, and another $100 sent to the Paypal account.

    Total rec’d is $350, pledged is $1,000. I meet with counsel tomorrow morning. I will update as necessary.

  3. Hmmmmm says:

    You know the last place in the world they are going to want to go with this complaint is to court. Serving you with a complaint will make this public. A public complaint by a Freeholder is newsworthly and the nature of the complaint will have to be covered. Not what any public figure in these circumstances would want to do. You are being threatened, but they have no place to go for additional protection other than a vieled threat..

  4. I hope we are kept up to speed on this. People you have to realize Carl did a brave thing here exposing the truth. How many of you folks who read this or even post on here using your name would do this. Why? Because of retaliation I’ve been through this and yes you wander what is next. Believe me when it gets like this everyone says (boy is it that bad here and why dosent lawenforcement do anything.You know why? Everybody is affraid to talk. Carl wasn’t so why not help him as good citizens and this hopefully be a good start to clean up Cumberland County and maybe there would be an investigation. Next did I help out with a donation and the answer is yes. I believe what ever you can afford can help. Good luck Carl and I also pray for you and may the good lord help you and everyone else.

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