Defense Fund Update

First – I want to thank the people that came out with support – it exceeded my expectations. I wish I could thank all of you publicly, but strangely, it seems you don’t want that! I cannot express my gratitude, or the comfort I have knowing that I have many people watching my back.

If you gave cash – and you know who you are – I will be opening a bank account on Monday. All cash donations will be deposited. If the money goes unused, I will refund you 100%. I suggest you find a worthy charity, if it comes to that.

If you have pledged money, please hold on to the check or cash. I have your name registered, and when and if the time comes I need to go there, I will not be shy.

I have conferred with counsel this morning, for well over an hour. If the idiocy actually does require legal reply, I have the best 1st Amendment lawyer in the state. I am assured that everything I have personally approved to be posted on this site has passed muster. I have done more than due diligence, ensuring that my opinions are noted as such, and that accusations and such are backed by documentation, usually accompanying the articles. And I get new evidence almost daily.

I spoke with the press today, and it seems that a local newspaper may actually be on the verge of picking up the story of Magazzu Watch.I was asked some pointed questions, and I answered candidly. Nothing I said hasn’t already been stated here, but more succinctly.  I will never rival Hemingway on verbosity, but I do have a way of rambling on way past the point of propriety. My legal counsel, past and present, have all agreed on that.

I am happy that my current counsel is encouraging my 1st Amendment participation in the political process, even though it has caused some discombobulation in my life. Hey, I am the lightening rod. I am willing to take the heat as long as someone is willing to do something with the melted blob of metal.




3 Responses to Defense Fund Update

  1. Hey Mr.Lightning Rod . Thanks for the update hopefully when your finished the melted slag will be gone. Cumberland county for sure will be a place to raise our children and grandchildren.! Also be on top of all the rite list. Starting with Barruzza for Sheriff and the rest of his ticket. I also am none to ramble on. Sorry.

  2. Charlie says:

    I read the article in a north Jersey paper that led me to your website.
    I am not a politician and I do not know this person (Magazzu), but iI feel forso him. Unless you’re getting back at him for something he’s done to harm you or your family, I think you’re going over the top.
    The guy resigned! !!! I feel like u should leave him alone? ?? I’m sure he has family center (children) that are being hurt by what u are doing? That’s my opinion anyway?
    How do u know this guy, a friend or a family member won’t take some sort of action against you? Run u off the road or something? Is it worth it?
    I am 110%not for holding politicians accountable, but he resigned and it seems what u are doing is harsh?

  3. WuLi says:

    Actually he has not resigned. And he is not a random person that I decided to pick on. If you read the website, going back to the beginning, you will discover that he is not a nice person.

    I do feel bad for his family, but he put me and my family through hell simply because I wrote a letter to the editor questioning a statement he made that was misleading. Because I tried to correct his statement and shed light on the double-speak, he dragged my personal life, and family situation into the public.

    This simply karma, in my humble opinion.

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