Four cent tax-rate increase for Cumberland County

In today’s News.

The Cumberland County freeholders in May passed an annual budget with a tax levy of $82,938,491 — the same as last year’s levy.

However, the tax rate would be increased approximately 4 cents per $100 of assessed value, from 86.48 cents to 90.17 cents, in order to achieve that same levy.

And that is how the Freeholders play the game. They can claim no budget increase, and at the same time raise your taxes. Why? The total ratables in the county have decreased. As we lose businesses, and property values plummet, they need to tax the private citizens more. The Sheriff’s office has made no substantial cuts anywhere; meanwhile Whelan wants to sell the manor to private investors – which will most likely result in substandard care.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of New jersey nursing homes offer sub-standard care. Add to that the illegal and greedy maneuvers by many of these nursing homes to raid their patients life savings, and once depleted kick them to the streets. When found guilty, they simply close the offending homes while being allowed to continue operating their other enterprises unimpeded.

Should the county be in the nursing home business? I am still undecided. But, one thing I do know – New jersey must crack down on the more dubious operations. Any organization that runs multiple homes MUST risk losing their license for ALL of their operations if they are found guilty of neglect in any single home.

I am sitting on a HUGE story of Lou Magazzu and his band of sycophants pulling strings and allowing major abuses to occur at the Manor. In my opinion, if the manor had proper oversight from the beginning, it would not be the massive money pit it is now.


6 Responses to Four cent tax-rate increase for Cumberland County

  1. If what you are saying is true and you have documents to support it then I say go for it. We need to clean our county up? The time is now hope everyone will help and stand behind this wedsite and the webmaster. Also if you have friends who never visited this site turn them onto it.

  2. tom rabbit says:

    Question when does Lou step down? Is he just trying to make it to September 15th and how will they spin the next freeholder in?

  3. Calhoun says:

    MWatch has a new reader, Ms. Jalisa Thompson. Check out her reaction to the site over here: . Heh, heh, heh. Believe it, or not.

  4. WuLi says:

    My theory is that they are conspiring to keep Lou in until that magic date, and then he will be confronted and forced to step down. Then they can give us yet another unelected freeholder.

  5. Calhoun says:

    If the Ds are planning to make a move after the September deadline, the Rs should make it clear now that they will not go along with it. Should a D freeholder resign after the deadline, the Ds would get to nominate a replacement. However, that person would be subject to the approval of the freeholder board, which would be deadlocked 3-3 upon the resignation. And no one could be seated without at least one R vote.

    Given all the subterfuge that would surround such a move, the three Rs (no, not reading, [w]riting, and [a]rithmetic, but Fiocchi, Kirstein, and Sheppard) should make it clear now they will not vote to seat someone to fill an unexpired terms until after the November election and the January re-organization, upon which they may be in the majority and have even greater leverage.

    However, if the resignation were to occur before the deadline and thus force this person onto the November ballot, the three Rs could agree to that, and thus make the Ds defend all four of their seats in this election.

    The Rs should force the issue on this by making clear it is now or never (well actually much later) with respect to any resignations (and replacement appointments) on the board. The Rs shouldn’t allow the Ds to dictate the timetable on this one.

  6. […] Four cent tax-rate increase for Cumberland County « Louis N …Jul 30, 2011 … However, the tax rate would be increased approximately 4 cents per $100 of assessed value, from 86.48 cents to 90.17 cents, … […]

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