You know an election is near…

You know that is is campaign season when the Daily Journal begins looking for reasons to editorialize and congratulate it’s slate of candidates. I guarantee that the DJ, when it recommends the candidates that it slavishly vetted, they will be the same people that it began running “interest” stories in the summer. Don’t hold your breath, in November the DJ will endorse Bill Whelan for Freeholder for the outstanding job he has done (not that he ever made one move without puppet-master Magazzu’s permission) and Bob Austino for Sheriff for the outstanding job he has done (the DJ will overlook the obvious spending issues, which I will attempt to publicize as the summer goes on).

When I see drivel such as this disguised as an editorial – well, first thing I think of is the Bridgeton News – I have to imagine just what the DJ thinks IS news? The Daily Journal told me directly that Lou Magazzu’s current scandal is NOT newsworthy.


2 Responses to You know an election is near…

  1. Do you really think that the present Sheriff has a spending issue? When or if the dept. Heads were ever told to watch spending it didn’t pertain to the Sheriff the first thing I saw was the relettering his fleet of vechicles. Can any one read them as they are going by. I saw yesterday he now has a dodge pick up truck. Why? Fla. Has them but they patrol the agricultural areas. Oh he also hired a third under sheriff from what I herd.he knows how to say money!

  2. john q public says:

    Actually, the truck was purchased by the previous administration, but they were also able get it and still give left over budget money back to the county. The truck does serve a purpose. One thing it’s needed for is transporting the traffic safety trailer or the radar speed trailer. It has other worthwhile purposes too. It’s even more useful than a 2nd under-sheriff. The Chief’s position however, seems to be working well. It’s too bad that Austino had to tell the press he was going to eliminate it and save money when he became sheriff and then do just the opposite. Some might even dare to say that he lied….
    Also, for the last month almost daily, you can see or read about something involving the sheriff’s department in the DJ or Bridgeton News. So, yes it’s easy to see that it’s election time and that the local paper has chosen it’s darlings already…

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