A rumor from a friend of MWatch

I received an email informing me that over the weekend, county prisoners were being used to move the County Board of Social Service ( Bridgeton office). I paraphrased the info provided.

Didn’t UAW just lay-off in county employees? Why didn’t they use the out-of-work UAW members?  These people could use the money more than prisoners do, and would not need Sheriff Deputies to be on duty, probably collecting overtime pay.

Fran Smith talks a good game. It’s a shame he’s in bed with Lou, and union members take backseat to Lou and his cohorts.

If I was a UAW member I would want some answers to this and other situations going on in this county concerning UAW members!

But this is typical UAW. Unfortunately, most unions take more from members than they provide in services. After all, union leadership needs money for political contributions, Florida winter homes, new pickups every other year. It seems that only the union members at the top prosper.


4 Responses to A rumor from a friend of MWatch

  1. joe sangataldo says:

    All South Jersey freeholders and officials are caught with their pants down
    Who cares about Lou? Yall are exposed laying off federal job trainers on a union busting bogus budget deficit…
    Cumb. Co. has lowest employment rate in the nation according to career builders 13 percent ui rate Obama: raise wages develop jobs and grow the economy increase revenues

  2. jim says:

    If he can make money off nude pictrues of himself he should go into that business instead.In politics it presents a frivolous distraction when we have serious issues to contend with.

  3. harry says:

    A low life act.In the poorest county in the state.Does that surprise you?

  4. waalter says:

    You should have kept in your pants,Lou and your sexual fantaxies in the motel rooms.

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