Lou Magazzu is a Huge Pervert?

It seems that some people are taking notice, even if the local media joins forces to protect Lou. The Save Jersey Blog (and I WILL link to them, even though they don’t return the favor) mentions Lou’s current dilemma and points to it as one of the reasons that Jeff Van Drew will not win re-election this year.

Then there’s the news about Lou Magazzu in Cumberland County. Magazzu, in the past, has been the leader behind Van Drew’s get out the vote efforts in Cumberland County, where Van Drew’s profile isn’t great. But there was a problem. While Magazzu wasn’t busy getting people to vote for Van Drew, Magazzu was pulling an Anthony Weiner (there are pics of this online, but I’m not linking to it. Google it yourself). Magazzu resigned his chairmanship of the Board of Freeholders in June. There is pressure on him to resign from the board. And because of this situation, it is a well known fact among political circles that Magazzu WILL NOT be playing any role in the Van Drew campaign. So Van Drew just lost his most important ally and campaign cog in Cumberland County because it turns out his biggest supporter in the county is a huge pervert. Can’t exactly put that in the “pro” column.

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