The House that Lou Built

Front page of the Daily Journal today:

No one hates the quality of life in their hometown more than Cumberland County residents.

That’s the conclusion of a Monmouth University Poll released today that asked residents across the Garden State a variety of questions regarding how they feel about where they live.

But it’s Cumberland — one of the state’s poorest counties — where residents are most unhappy. Just 51 percent gave positive ratings to the quality of life in their hometown, and only 47 percent rated the state’s overall quality of life as good.

Over a decade of leadership under the iron fist of Lou Magazzu, and this is what we have to show for it. Not only do we top all of the wrong lists (highest teen pregnancy, lowest income, most children in poverty) but now this.

I thought that having a banker (Bill Whelan) on the Freeholder board would have had a positive yield. hand-picked by Magazzu, it is clear that Whelan is still beholden to Lou’s brand of politics. I hope Bill runs his bank better than he runs the county – or we are in for rough times.

Look at these statistics – we have no public transportation infrastructure to get to the jobs, jobs that we don’t have. We feel that Atlantic City is safer than our county! Our roads suck. And we have to leave the county for cultural activities.

Cumberland County needs new leadership – leaders who will inspire confidence. It truly does start from the top down. When our elected officials are so obviously serving only their own interests, it disheartens the public. When these same elected officials reject low bids in order to send our jobs out of the county, we have a right to despise the quality of life in the county.


5 Responses to The House that Lou Built

  1. got nutz 69 says:

    As a resident of Millville for 59 years, born and raised here, I absolutly hate this town and county for what it does not have to offer anyone. I have two grown children who both live out of state simply because theres nothing here for them. No jobs,no social activites of any sort just a very depressing area. And King Lou always brags about his 13 year tender as freeholder directer and freeholder ,how great he’s been, he should be ashamed of what he has done. All he has ever done is walked all over people who have tried to make a differance. If whats happening in Cumberland County under his leadership over the years is kudo’s on his resume, then he may be the winner of THE LITTLE TERD HEAD OF THE DECADE AWARD!!!!!! And Tony S. your joining this crew of Democratic ***holes and i thought you were a man of integraty???

  2. baba says:

    Let’s not go crazy here. Whelan isn’t Lous’ boy. He has a lot of interest in making the county survive this “national” debacle and much of what he is doing is without Lous’ help or direction. The repubs also have the problem of follow the leader. That’s how they get their harsh reputation. As for Nutz, I hope your kids are the last generation that has to leave because of no opportunity. Will the R’s increase social activities and cultural activities? I hope so but can’t really see how with the economic situation.
    As for Tony Surace, he is actually a pretty decent guy. The question is will he be independent of Salmon or answer to Salmon like others used to answer to Lou. Everybody answers to someone.

  3. WuLi says:

    Whelan lacks backbone and balls. A Freeholder Director has a responsibility to “direct” – hence the title. bill does not have the ability to lead – if he did he would have demanded Lou step down a long time ago – PUBLICLY! Agfter all, Whelan had NO PROBLEM with Jannarone demanding a non-candidate step down from their position.

    Surace owes and will bow to Salmon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Saamon as Dem county Chair in the future. He is two-faced, and a hypocrite. Surace is also a back-stabber and a liar. He promised Jody Farabello that he would support him in his candidacy, and then stabbed Jody in the back by running against him. Not even the courtesy of a phone call – Jody had to find out like the rest of us, in the newspaper. That is unforgivable. You would have to know the sort of relations Jody thought he had with Surace to understand how evil this was.

  4. baba says:

    face it Jody has no chance. Why would a viable candidate stay out of the race for Jody? If Jody believes he was harmed he should say s publicly. I doubt things went down like you think. Salmon as Dem leader I can see. He is pissed at Lou for past sins.

  5. stan says:

    Such a frivolous distraction when we have serious issues to contend with.Cutthroat backstab politics bring bad press and Lou’s career is ruined.

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