2PM and 21,000 unique hits

Not that I did this for publicity, but apparently the public does think there is a story here. 21,000 hits today so far (the most we ever had topped around 3,000 for a day).

If Lou Magazzu finally abandons the political world, I am left in a quandary. This website as such will lack purpose. Frankly, I will regret having the opportunity to write – not that there won’t be other politicians out there to watch. Of course, if this results in a lawsuit, I guess I will have a lot of fodder – if my attorney permits me to write about it. Or maybe there is a book deal in this somewhere? Just daydreaming…

But a large part of my morning routine – scouring the news for tidbits on Lou and Cumberland County politics will forever change. On the other hand, I am extremely hopeful that our next elected leaders, regardless of political affiliation, will conduct themselves in an appropriate and ethical manner. If nothing else, MagazzuWatch has proven that a small, dedicated group of individuals can make a positive difference. It just takes patience and perseverance.


13 Responses to 2PM and 21,000 unique hits

  1. IKnow says:

    So what about Whelan and his lack of attention to this? He said it was a personal matter and now he comes out in the media and says “I just think Lou’s behavior is awful,”. Whelan needs to be held accountable as well for not bringing the issue to light.

    Not trying to change the course of fire but our Freeholders are accountable to us and not a political party. I could care less what party someone belongs to. Lack of judgement carries over to the office. And when someone in power tries to silence a critic? It reeks of corruption. This is not a thrid world dictatorship.

    I hope our freeholders are on notice that we are watching them and how they handle things from here on out.

  2. Gary Stein says:

    My gosh, to think I wrote to Lou a private message this morning on fb suggesting he take on LoBiondo in 2012? I made mention of past controversies and suggested it wouldn’t matter, it would actually liven the campaign, plus fact that Lou was Lobis first Dem. opponent….. full circle, or something like that. Now I see this? Lou, sorry for your troubles…….we’ll work something else out. I’ll run again maybe. See yaaaaaaaaaaaaa, don’t think I’ll be hearing back? p.s. Lou may I unofficially respond for you? F’m all. Who’s the real perverts? Maybe it’s uninformed voters who only respond to sensational stories like this? But they love this LoBiondo guy, perhaps Carl can help me take him on in the future?

  3. fedup says:

    Well, have to say it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual. Guess “what goes around, comes around”, huh? As for the previous post comparing Lou to LoBiondo, there is one very obvious difference between the two. Lobiondo has not tried to ruin the lives of his constituents like Big Lou did. Guess if you were never one of his targets, you wouldn’t know, but I can personally attest to the fact that Lou did just that.
    There will be an enormous celebration at our house tonight and I’m sure we’re not the only ones relishing this moment!
    ps Just heard from a relative in Atlanta that it’s gone national….story on Fox news. Yeah!!

  4. NC says:

    Please go after the Camden D’s

  5. Gregory Lane says:

    Like the writer of the previous reply, I am really thrilled Lou Magazzu took the high road and resigned as a county freeholder. Now let me say, “Goodbye, Farewell and Good Riddens, Lou ‘Mr. MaGoo’ Magazzu.”

  6. Sad observer says:

    I don’t even know much about Maguzzu. All i know is that two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Maguzzu may be a crappy politician. Johnson in my book is scum and a lowlife for putting up naked pictures of him.

    I saw you plea for legal aid. Hope they sue your pants off and perhaps post pictures of that. Hope the “woman” that requested the pictures gets “her” just desserts as well.

    No winners in this just losers, if you exclude the lawyers.

  7. Relieved says:

    To “Sad observer” it is obvious you know nothing about Magazzu or you would probably feel differently about this situation. I don’t believe for a minute this was a set-up in any form..just luck. Mr. Magazzu has never had a problem dragging someone, along with their families through the mud for no other reason than they may have dissagreed with him at one time or another. He is the most vicious, evil human being I have encountered. So until you can walk a mile in any of his many victims shoes, don’t judge what has happened here. It’s been a long time coming and he will never get back what he has dished out.

  8. Gary Stein says:

    LoBiondo, or Magazzu? Magazzu a minor freeholder, or LoBiondo a 17 yr. Congressman with an opinion on everything………except when it counts…..

  9. Jim says:

    The term entrapment springs to mind. I hope you get sued

  10. Jon says:

    Our job has just started we need to investigate and investigage so that criminal charges can be filed and this politician is really GONE

  11. Gary Stein says:

    Carl, in a perfect world ,maybe you’d turn your attention to Lobi and get the publicity off you and Magazzu. Know it’s not goin to happen, but I’m hear if you ever want to discuss.

  12. mumbles says:

    How many hits did you get at the peak?

  13. US News Gateway…

    […]2PM and 21,000 unique hits « MWatch[…]…

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