It’s Finally News

Today, the Daily Journal was the first newspaper to break the Lou Magazzu scandal.

One of Cumberland County’s most influential politicians, Louis N. Magazzu, is using an attorney to fight a political activist who is behind a website posting embarrassing photos and emails from a cyber-affair Magazzu admits to having while married.

Center City resident Carl B. Johnson has posted pleas on his website,, for donations to a legal fund. Meanwhile, the website still carries the images that touched off the dispute — nude photos of Magazzu it censored.

On Monday, Johnson said he’s put that fundraising on hold after an encouraging meeting with an attorney, whom he did not identify.

“It’s strictly a First Amendment issue,” Johnson said. The attorney, he said, “basically said, ‘Talk to the press; keep doing what you’re doing.'”

Johnson said the photos and messages will remain, and he promised to post any new information about the issue.

“The website isn’t about posting shots of Lou naked or anything,” Johnson said. “It is about exposing the underbelly of local politics. He was the figurehead, the person who ran the party and the freeholder board for a decade. Even though he has stepped down, I don’t believe he has stopped wielding influence.”

I understand that Senate President Stephen Sweeney has asked Lou to resign – and Lou adamantly refuses.

And, to top things off, I was contacted by another source who claims her best friend was also sent these photos by Lou. They are not willing to come forward at this time, but they are avid fans of The Watch.

As always, keep coming back for more.  I have to work out my OPRA requests for the next series, but if what my sources tell me is true, the criminal culpability and coverup behind certain shenanigans and misuse of patient information is staggering.

Oh, and if anyone out there has a copy of the Daily Journal, could you please save me a copy?


8 Responses to It’s Finally News

  1. K says:

    Lou’s lawyer claims he never met the woman who had these pictures. Can you shed some light on it? Also, is there any connection with this Chicago woman and the fact that Lou gave a contract to the a real estate firm from Chicago for the Manor?

  2. WuLi says:

    I have never met this woman – she contacted me out of the blue this year. I first suspected a set-up of sorts, and proceeded cautiously.

    When she informed me she had photos, she asked what she should do with them. I told her I could not make decisions for her, that she could go to the press if she felt that necessary.

    I didn’t ask her to send me the images, but told her if she so chose, I would try to get the local media take notice. The local media refused to bite, saying it was not a story. So I reluctantly revealed them on MWatch – I really did want the local media to break the story.

    This woman never told me directly where she was from, and I assumed she was the “Chicago connection”. But I really don’t know where she is from.

    I hadn’t heard about the contract with a Chicago firm – could you fill us in on that?

  3. Hang 'em High says:

    Carl, you are our HERO

  4. gg says:

    maybe maggs and weiner can start a reality show, who is the most stupid. when u have a target on your back like lou m has why would u even think about doing a stupid stunt like this. at least his smart ass would be on the freeholder show anymore

  5. Torrie Maslow says:

    serves this self righteous imbicile right, he goes into court and makes threats and he is such a little man. Hey Lou didn’t you know that what goes around comes around and visa versa. come around to the lake house you’ll need a few drinks after all your constituents read this hahahahahahahah Yes there is a God. That’s what you get for taking dirty money (landfill) to enhance your campaign. Sent you a letter two years ago but you didn’t listen, shame shame mirror flasher, sounds like a sicko ran the Freeholder Board in Cumberland County, Hope you get de-barred, where will the money come in then. Did you ever pay back the money you owed him???????

  6. […] to revive the countys … August 2nd, 2011 05:43 AM EDT Its Finally News Center City resident Carl B. Johnson has posted pleas on his website,, for […]

  7. Pauli says:

    Mr, seems that you enjoy playing withnpeoples lives. Perhaps you have some skeletons in your closet that we might find….

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    […]It’s Finally News « MWatch[…]…

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