Lou Magazzu Resigns

Freeholder Louis Magazzu today issued a statement saying he is resigning. This might be my last post on MagazzuWatch. Now I can focus on the conduct of Bob Austino.

August 2, 2011

The greatest professional privilege of my life has been to serve as a Cumberland County Freeholder since my election in 1997.

Since my election, I have worked to improve the quality of life for all families of Cumberland County. I am proud of the accomplishments that have come from the collective work of the Freeholders with whom I have been honored to serve. I am particularly proud of the work which resulted in the Federal Empowerment Zone which brought twenty five million dollars into our county and two hundred and fifty million dollars in private investment, the fifty million dollar Motorsport Park and the NACo prescription card which has resulted in savings to our residents into well over a million dollars. I am proud of the forty four million dollar expansion of the Cumberland County College; half of which was paid by the State of New Jersey. I am proud of the years working together where we fought for the people of Cumberland County.

Unfortunately, in my personal life, I did not always demonstrate the wisdom and balance that I expected from myself, and that the people of Cumberland County deserve and have every right to expect.

As a consequence, a woman who I have never met personally, but have corresponded with on the internet for several years, has recently shared some photographs which she requested and that were intended only for her eyes. I did not know that she was working with an avowed political enemy to distribute these pictures. I have retained counsel to determine what laws may have been broken by the unauthorized distribution of those pictures. No government services or equipment were used by me when taking the pictures or transmitting them to the woman in question.

I apologize to Carmele who has been supportive of me throughout our lives and particularly since our separation of nearly two years and during this very difficult time. I apologize to my children, the rest of my family, to those who have supported me.

I apologize to my colleagues in elected office, the wonderful professionals I have dealt with in the county and in other governmental endeavors and to the people of Cumberland County. The leaders of the county have enormous challenges and cannot have this type of distraction.

To spare those I love further pain, and to hopefully begin the process of healing, I hereby resign, as Freeholder and from all other affiliated positions, effective immediately, so that I may privately, through counseling and the grace of God confront my personal responsibilities.

I would only request that our community show compassion for those whose pain I have caused so that we may begin to heal.


52 Responses to Lou Magazzu Resigns

  1. Deparego says:

    Every dog has their day…”woof woof” says Lou.

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    I ALMOST shed a tear. Poor Louie. Sad Louie.

    …..and another one bites the dust.

  3. Miles Cornholer says:

    Don’t give Louie any ideas with that woof woof comment!

  4. JER5EY says:

    Sounds like Mr. Magazzu got caught with his pants down.
    Well written and sincere letter, though. Took a man to admit wrongdoing and step aside. Best of luck in your future, Lou.

  5. […] As pointed out previously on Save Jersey (its a long read but in their folks), Cumberland County Freeholder Lou Magazzu was the biggest, most vital part of Jeff Van Drew’s Cumberland County get out the vote effort, but wouldn’t be there for Van Drew this year because Magazzu would be fighing for his own political survival over pulling an Anthony Weiner. And Save Jerseys own Ed Sheppard’s prediction became reality, as the Press of Atlantic reported today that Jeff Van Drew’s biggest ally and supporter in Cumberland County was asked to resign over his crotch shots, and the Magazzu Watch blog reported just a few minutes ago that Magazzu has resigned.  […]

  6. mumbles says:

    Glad Lou resigned but the letter is still a little less than genuine. Still seems to blame others and the statement that he didn’t have sex with that woman is well, Clintonesque at best.

  7. Richard (former daily radio host) Hoch says:


    To spare those I love further pain, and to hopefully begin the process of healing, I hereby resign, as Freeholder and from all other affiliated positions, effective immediately, so that I may privately, through counseling and the grace of God confront my personal responsibilities.

    I would only request that our community show compassion for those whose pain I have caused so that we may begin to heal.


  8. Lou listen closely ,as you would say its a lie. You are sure you never ever met this girl in person. No type of trans actions happened? No personal or buisness loans?

  9. Who knew? says:

    Hoch, there are a lot of “good” people who feel as you do. Magazzu did it to himself. He deserves the fall. Good bye to bad trash. He hurt the county hugely.
    Kudos to the engineer(s) of this site. He, they, deserve gold stars.

  10. Slappythedoorman says:

    Lou you were a small vindictive man. You hurt folks, with your power-hungry antics. Good Bye and GOOD RIDDENCE!!

  11. got nutz 69 says:

    For someone who thinks he’s King should have thought about what he was doing, all the people he has stepped on, embarassed,and treated like ***t. you are one stupid man Mr. Magazzo. You should have used your big head and not your small one when you did what you did. Now it’s time for the Freeholder Board to bring back integraty to the county, he’s not pulling the strings anymore!!!!!!! as far as lawsuits against Magazzu Watch, he has to now include all the area TV channels! Mr. Johnson I comend you on what you have done, with people like you, we the people are better informed. The Freeholders should also look into all the differant boards and how Lou loaded them up. LIke Mrs. Austino just appointed to Social Service Board, and all the grant moneys givin to Tri- County over the years!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Naman says:

    I hope Magazzu’s lawsuit against you succeeds, and I hope another Democrat is elected just to spite you.

  13. tom rabbit says:

    Carl, your next target is Tri-County and the lovable Mayor Kelly if he is not the next to fall I don’t know who is. Or we could set your sights higher NJ Senator or Assembly men or woman?

  14. tom rabbit says:

    Matt Dunn,

    you worthless news man. This story was your for months and you did nothing. When r u and that fat F**k going to retire? Let hire reporters not order takers, that Wendy’s job. Your paper sucks. Please don’t act like you give a sh*t. you were hoping this would go away.

  15. new2cumberland says:

    OMG!! Matt Dunn is that horrible paper—News of CC???? What are you doing @ that paper???? Hiring creative writing majors from Stockton State( or 13th grade). That BEN column is the worst ever….. And then you post here??? Are you schiziod or something? Like you had anything to do with the “breaking news”. Really Mr. Johnson, start a Patch or something, without your research/reporting we are left to morons like this……

  16. adam31 says:

    Easy there partner. Matt left the news business a few years ago.
    He moved to Delaware. Now Hummel is another issue. rumor is that he will retire soon. Maybe not soon enough. But soon.

  17. guesswho says:

    L{•}{•}K at the Facts, this has been known for over 4-5 Months 🙂
    It has been interesting to see the ones that are jumping on the Bandwagon.

    Remember my comment months ago about Chicago has this Mirror Image of Cumberland, County New Jersey 🙂

    Pictures are worth more than words could ever be, and to THINK Lou provided these for Cumberland Residents to View.

    This is for any Elected Official that Believes or Thinks they are in CONTROL, the People will always have the POWER 🙂

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  18. new2cumberland says:


    Thanks, for clairification–apologies to Mr. Dunn. As you can tell that horrible paper really gets under my skin. That Hummel guy-I hate that guy worse than the Nazis. His condescending manner, his tone, the faux folksy affectations–ugh.

  19. Dewan says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but Nice work, Carl!

  20. amazed at all this says:

    Wow all this is one big mess…

  21. Bev says:

    Lou may be a political official, however he is also a human being, and as such, “to err is human, to forgive is devine”. This man has an outstanding professional bio and trach record. What exactly is the crime here? He wasa lonely man looking for companionship and thinking he had found such with a woman online. So they shared intimate moments over cyber space ..so he shared intimate pictures of himself with her ..is this a crime? Which of you reading this and outcasting him has not been intimate with another being? Be it in person, through telephone, emial or text? He has a right to a personal relationship, and to be intimate in such a relationship as he and his partner are comfortable. Maybe you, the public, can be judgemental, hypocrytical, self righteous and ignotant ….however …keep something in mind …Lou did NOT jeopardize YOU THE PEOPLE …Lou did not post his picks on a web sight for all to see ….the only think this man is guilty of is trusting blindly, but do we not all do that as we go through personal relationships? Shame on the scum <> that INTENTIONALLY lured him into this relationship for the sole purpose of ruining not only his career but his personal life as well. Is his advocate, who enticed a woman to belittle herself to extortion of an exemplilary well trusted official and herself, is this the type of man you wish to follow? Let’s lay some of the nasty blame where it begin …..with a Jezebel. God bless you Lou …may HE hold you in the palm of His hand down this rough and rocky road!

  22. Calhoun says:

    Carl: “This might be my last post on MagazzuWatch.” Huh?! Just like that and it’s over? What about us, Carl? No, not all these Johnny Come Latelys that suddenly showed up here, but those who have been around from (or almost) the beginning. What happens to us Carl? If you move out of your house, would you leave your pets behind? Besides, Lou’s team is claiming he was the victim of a setup, you and “the woman” acting in cahoots. Lou’s attorney was on TV today implying as much. You need to set the record straight.

    No matter what you think of Lou, Carl, or the posting of the photos, this website has done on service for the past 2.5+ years by reporting on the goings-on in this county that the impotent local news media ignored. It’s sad that it took a personal scandal to sink Lou. There was plenty of other stuff out there that should have done the trick. Nonetheless, I will take it. My birthday is tomorrow (birth date: 3 August 1934) and this is a nice gift.

    Nice to see Whelan resurrect the ethics committee. Not really into “I told you sos,” but in one of my first posts here back in early 2009, I asked about the status of this committee. Governing by responding to crises is bad policy.

    Anybody want to hire an old, 601 lb. writer? I am cheap (i.e., free). I even send out an occasional bottle of booze for the privilege to post.

  23. Calhoun says:

    Lou always wanted to go national. Well, his stint at the National Democratic County Officials organization was too short to count. But the story today has sure given him national attention. He has gone coast to coast. In fact, he is now international. See the story over on the other side of the pond (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2021715/New-Jersey-democrat-Louis-Magazzu-resigns-naked-photos-email-online-girlfriend.html) . Cheerio, Louie.

  24. mango says:

    Calhoun, those of us who have been here from the beginning must share very mixed feelings over the turn of events — joy at Lou’s fall from power, but some discomfort at how it has happened. For almost three years, we have labored at documenting in depth, on this website, why Lou is not fit to hold office. I’m talking about the cronyism, the self-dealing, the vindictive treatment of people who disagreed with him, the good people he forced out of public service…and on and on. Last year we thought the state and federal investigations that were under way might result in his indictment. Nothing happened, and Lou went on his merry way, damaging people’s lives with the help of his freeholder minions, especially Jannarone. His arrest for malfeasance in office would have been a much better way to end this. Those reading just the last chapter of this story think it was all about Lou’s sex life, and people are surprisingly unwilling to cast the first stone on such matters. Many are looking for a way to forgive Lou and blame Carl for his troubles. No, people, Lou brought himself down with his Weinergate antics. But the story is much, much bigger. It is documented here. Take the time to read it. You may end up feeling that Lou is getting all that he deserves, that what goes around has finally come around, and that justice has been done.

    On another note, Calhoun, you have provided those of us active on this website with much entertainment via the endless speculation as to your identity. I wonder if you’re misleading us now. You are probably in your 20’s and thin as a rail.

  25. […] and said he was … magazzuwatch.wordpress.com August 2nd, 2011 10:58 AM EDT Lou Magazzu Resigns This might be my last post on MagazzuWatch. Now I can focus on the conduct of Bob Austino. […]

  26. Happy Camper says:

    Congratulations to this website for exposing a fraud of an elected official, and to WCAU-10 and the Atlantic City Press for running the story.

    Shame on the two local (high school) newspapers – Daily Journal and Bridgeton News – for sitting on the story for weeks to protect one of their precious liberal pals. As noted previously, if this had been a Republican, the headline would have equalled 9/11 or Pearl Harbor!

    This just in: a distraught BEN has been spotted on the side of Hancock’s Bridge, threatening to jump…

  27. John says:

    “It is nobody’s business who is sleeping or committing felatio with whom, who is smoking or snorting what, or how much saturated fat I intake on a daily basis!”

    I guess that only applies to other people. I know nothing of this guy’s politics, but he’s got 5 kids. You’re a scumbag.

    If you disagree with his politics, run against him, or support someone who is running against him. Rationalize all you want, but whatever you think of this guy, you’re just as bad.

  28. Harry says:

    I must be missing something. He was separated from his wife. Got into a online relationship w/ a lady. She wanted dirty photos. He sent them. What’s the big crime here?

  29. tom rabbit says:

    Here is the big crime. In the past Lou looked for weakness in people and exploited them the news paper would they write a bitter mean article about the person. For example a former freeholder had a cash flow problem Lou publicly embarrassed the freeholder stating if u can’t handle your personal finances u should not be involved in the county. A politician who lost the election. Had a fight with his wife after losing the election it was front page news. The county is stacked against change, but come November thing r going to changed wait and see.

  30. Calhoun says:

    Mango, glad to provide entertainment. However, the serious speculation has not been about my identity but rather the identity of you and Wuli. As former freeholder Joe Riley wrote here once: “Who are you Mango and Wuli?” Ha! He actually wrote wanting to know who Wuli was! Guess there’s no internet on the horse farm.

    And for the record old and fat.

  31. undisclosed says:

    Mr. Maggazzu

    Where there is God ther is justice

    If I was a nobody things like this would not be published for the world to see.

    Fear from God and you will gain knowledge and wisdom.

  32. new2cumberland says:

    No Internet on the horse farm—just moldy old wine. And seriously, an ob/gyn as vintner??? There is a photo of him in scrubs over a cask(???), and his personal vintage is called the bloody hand???? Ewwww……

  33. Zach Redding says:

    You know, it was wrong of you to show those photos. The man did nothing to break the law and was already in the process of breaking up with his wife. You took photos, though he was stupid to take in the first place, that were intended to be private. Yes, he’s an asshole and I disagree with his political tactics, but you should not have posted those photos. It was wrong and now he’s going to sue you and probably win. Now you’re going to be giving more money to corrupt politician. you fucktard.

  34. alfredo eugenio popa says:

    What’s the big deal. Nude photo of a man showing off his private parts to his girl friend. Go to some of the big art musems and you can see David showing his private parts and people taking pictures of the statute. Get over it Nude photos are not as bad as watching some of that trash on TV where they are trying to sing and doing the bumps and grinds. That’s worse.

  35. Josie says:

    Seriously…you people are disgusting. More so than any photograph Lou sent to the snake of a female impersonator. I’m sure you’re all so pure and perfect.

  36. new2cumberland says:

    Yeah…pretty much……except for spending way too much money on shoes, and vintage designer clothing— being over-served @ a couple of functions, basically not too much else to report….

  37. mumbles says:

    Josie Are you saying Lou was going with a female impersonator? WOW talk about newsworthy.

  38. mango says:

    For Calhoun: Are you telling us you are a ghost? And a heavy one at that?

    Famous Birthdays on 3rd August:

    1934 – Haystacks Calhoun, American professional wrestler (d. 1989)

  39. mango says:

    Weight is right too:

    Haystacks Calhoun
    Real Name: William Calhoun
    Stats: 6′ 5″ 601 lbs.
    Born: August 4, 1934

  40. Calhoun says:

    Mango, in July 2010, Carl referred to me as “mysterious” in a post. I wrote the following reply: “No mystery Carl, I am a 601 lb., deceased ex-professional wrestler from Morgans Corner, Arkansas, who has as his posthumous mission the politics of Cumberland County, New Jersey. When you die Carl, God will give you shit to occupy your time as well, and I wouldn’t plan on days and days of single malt tastings. It doesn’t work that way. Get your drinking in now. Another piece of advice: smoke’em if you’ve got’em.”

    So, basically, yes to your questions. My birth date is variously given as either 3 or 4 Aug.. I was a big baby and the delivery spanned two days, some of me being born on 3 Aug, the rest of me on 4 Aug.

  41. Robert Van Meter says:

    Why does anyone care if he sent pics on the internet. It seems silly to me. I am concerned that he does his job. Maybe thats why the country is so fucked up because people are so simple and petty. The Republican party is sinking so low and dirty. But I guess when you aren’t doing your job right, you gotta divert attention away from yourselfs….losers. New Jersey is full of trash any way. Low class people who fuck up their finances and can’t afford to pay their taxes. Jews and deigos

  42. mango says:

    Well, Calhoun, I always wanted to meet a ghost. Maybe we can shake hands someday.

  43. It is amazing about how some jonnie’s come lately to defend there KING. I think those jonnie’s come lately needs to take there heads out of the sand. Lou still isn’t tell the truth. When will he and his little herd of sheep get it. The pasture is not green anymoore. That’s to Carl and everyoneelse who contributed the truth.

  44. mango says:

    Damn! An evening gathering of the elated — mostly Dems — at Carl’s, and once again, “Who is Calhoun?” a subject of speculation, with accusations hurled at some of those gathered, and then denials. I am not the only one driven by curiosity– we want to know who this ghost is. C’mon Calhoun, when are you going to let us know?

  45. Calhoun says:

    Mango, I wrote Carl earlier and told him I was out of town until this weekend. So all the denials you received were truthful, since I was not there. You’re correct in that you’re not the only one driven by curiosity. However, whereas some people, like yourself, want to know and shake my dead hand for all the right reasons, others want to know for all the wrong reasons (i.e., retribution). I know this to be a fact. Note to the CCDO: You can’t silence that which is already dead. Thus, you’re best to continue focusing on Pab Sungenis, but I doubt he will back down.

    It’s not that I choose Languedoc over Millville or 15 Grand Rue over 415 Sassafras Street, but I am where I am at the moment. Despite what you read, most ghosts can’t suddenly move from the South of France to South Jersey. Did you know cartoonist Robert Crumb lives over here now? . “Keep On Truckin'” (Crumb’s mantra) my big fat ass. We spirits still rely on traditional transcontinental transportation methods, sans the airfares (we get on without being noticed).

    Yeah, there are some spirits that have an in with the big guy (no not Lou) and can move from one corner of the globe to the next without traditional transportation, but they’re few and far between. I am stuck getting a ride. (Helping bring Lou down is really no biggie in the grand scheme of things.)

    I’ll let everyone know, when Carl doesn’t announce a party on the same when day it takes place. And I want to know who these Ds are who attended. No Kavanagh (plum, plum, plum), no (Queen Bee) Balicki, no (Norcross butt kisser) Long, no current D (Lou arse kisser) freeholder, no D (Van Drew arse kisser) assemblyperson, no D (Norcross arse kisser) state senator, no judge who is under 5’7″ (i.e., no Wodlinger). No (pathetic) D Surrogate or Sheriff. D Millville City Commissioners are OK, I guess, even if I do complain about them from time to time..

  46. mango says:

    Having spent a week in Languedoc last year, I would say it is a suitable temporary resting place for spirits. And yes, I believe Crumb has lived in the South of France for many years. But we do hope your ghostly presence soon returns to our South Jersey county. Even those of us who cannot claim native credentials (it takes generations of family presence to do so) come to love the place, despite its quirkiness and contradictions.

    Of course you are one hundred percent correct on the D’s who were not there, and it probably would not take you very long to figure out those who were. Think scars.

    Despite the elation, there was uniform regret about the collateral damage. Everyone wanted Lou gone, but we hoped it would have been through the courtesy of law enforcement. There is some amazement at the international scope of the news, and Carl is receiving hate mail as well as kudos, but he is strong, and I believe we will see this through.

  47. mumbles says:

    Time to shut it down? Probably.

    “Mission Accomplished”

    No really, this time it was !

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