Going the distance


6 Responses to Going the distance

  1. Patricia Springer says:

    I heard this made (national) Fox News

  2. peperoney says:

    Thank you for busting this pig!!!

  3. looknohands says:

    Fantastic job on your perseverance and will. Not many would stand up to such an evil disgusting man. I love people who say things such as “what’s the big deal”, or he was a good man. Are you people kidding me? One an elected official is held to a higher standard than most, so no nudie photos idiot. So if its no big deal is that something you would want your kids to do, or spouse? Hey no big deal, just nude photos. Does anyone realize what these corrupt scumbags do to people and their lives. I have a feeling all kinds of neat stuff is going to come out about Magazzu and some of his cronies who worked at the Manor. Lives have been ruined from this man and he deserves what he gets. An investigation needs to be done. I am no lawyer or judge but some major crimes committed, I am sure. See you in hell Magazzu!

  4. baba says:

    Jay Leno talked about Lou in the monologue last night.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Last tune for a while, RIP Dan, The Music U Created is something that will Live Forever:

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