Lou Magazzu wants this to continue

I thought this was over. Lou resigned. My goal, with my cohorts, was to bring decency back into local politics. But now I read comments from Lou’s lawyer with completely false allegations.  For the record, here is correspondence from my source, a person I have never met. I have never solicited any information from her. I vetted all emails to the best of my ability to ensure that #1, I was not being conned or set up and #2 that she was being truthful in her recounting of the story. Oh, and Bob Greco knew nothing of the tale until it hit Magazzu Watch.

She emailed me this tonight – here is the email in its entirety:

My , My…………
Just saw the post by Bev……….I’m guessing a family member, or a friend who sees Lou’s political favors going down the drain for them. Maybe Bev was in line for some “cushy” job promised to her by Lou.
What I don’t understand is how these few people are trying to raise Lou to “sainthood” by introducing God into the mix here.
Ummm, Bev? Is there anyone at home? What color is the sky in YOUR world?
Lou was just looking for companionship you say…………hmmm, 6 years of companionship??? In your hero Lou’s own words………..he’s been separated for 2 years. That’s right, those were his own words and in writing for all to see. So what about the 4 years prior to their separation, when he was calling this person at 2 and 3 a.m. while his wife lay sleeping in “their” bed. Having phone sex with his “companion” while his children lie sleeping somewhere in the house. Where’s Lou’s e mails proving that this Jezzebell requested pictures?? Hmmm???? And is the word NO not in his vocabulary??
The big man couldn’t say no ………..and .to a woman at that.
And now he wants to put God and his admittance of an affair over several years ( those are his words Bev, not Carl’s nor mine) in the same resignation letter??
Check your bible Bev………I know mine says thou shalt not commit adultery.
And trust me honey, If Carl and I were in cahoots………..I could have taped every damn filthy 10 minute, in the middle of the night call he gave this Jezzebell just to bring himself off sexually. Hmmm, what would you say to that Saint Bev??? For there are phone records going back these six years. And no, he never represented me as an attorney nor sold me energy. So Miss Knowitall, why was he calling me at 2 and 3 a.m. for just 10 minutes or so BEFORE he was even separated??? You call that companionship???
Call it what you will………..
This Jezzebell calls you a fool…………

17 Responses to Lou Magazzu wants this to continue

  1. MaryB says:

    He needs his calendar clear for at least 30 days to take a brush-hog to that hot dog. If that fails, surgeons will attempt to clear the forest with a chainsaw in an effort to rescue the girl.

  2. sang says:

    He’s been screwing around for years. At least 10, to the best of my recollection. I’ve seen it personally. He tends to forget that waitresses & bartenders have eyes & ears. Trust me this man is no saint!

  3. Sammy "The Chin" Bolognese says:

    Lou’s reign of terror ends, but not before he accomplishes his goal of being thrust into the national… nay, INTERNATIONAL spotlight. Congratulations on the fulfillment of your wet dreams little Louie.

  4. MaryB says:

    For God sake Bev! If the man will lie & cheat on his own wife, do you really think he gives a d@mn about you, Ms. Jane Q. Public? And you mentioned God in your post and even He is against this perv’s actions as adultery breaks one of the commandments.

    It’s also creepy that he stroked his little man before taking the pics with a possible government-issued cell phone, all to bust his wee nut with a total stranger. And that’s the creepy, sneaking, lying, perv you choose to defend? D@mn I bet your family & friends are some real winners.

    And if you get lost in the forest before the brush-hog arrives, just leave a trail with those nuts when you finish with them & head for the buns.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    Please don’t forget, people that the present director of county roads owned a travel trailer sales business,and when sales went down the tube, lou gave him the job .
    Oh by the way he doesn’t know anything (by his own account) about running said dept.
    HE bought a very nice,and expensive house right after his appointment.
    This stuff never ends does it?
    Current freeholder director whelan “asked” lou to resign?
    He should have demanded it and went public with the info.
    Save the family embarrassment ?
    What a crock,
    Better watch this guy too.
    Don’t forget the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    In cumberland county the dems have said power.
    And by the way I am not against democrats ,
    I am for fairness in government.
    And please I already know thats an oxymoron

  6. Byelou says:

    If you believe that Lou is a victim of a woman scorned, I have a certain bridge in Brooklyn that just happens to be for sale for a discount price.
    Lou has been sleazing around for many years, with many women, while his wife and five kids were back home in NJ, and all of this is just coming to a head. He (according to several women who have confided in me) came onto them at conventions and junkets on the taxpayer dime, portraying himself as single and lonely.
    For Lou to portray himself as the victim of Carl or the woman who supplied the pics,is a distortion of reality.
    He’s a lying sleazeball, and he’s just trying to cover his ass (Not very well, by the way).

  7. got nutz 69 says:

    To all the women who thought the sun shined on Lou’s crown wake up and smell the roses. He is perverted as they come to do this to his wife and children for so many years. On channel 10 last night they interviewed Jane Jannarone she said she did not pressure him to resign you know she’s dumber than the door she was holding open. To all the democratic women who said he’s the best thing that ever happened to Cumberland County sit down and take a hard look at what you believe in.

  8. themadjewess says:

    Another DemoFASCIST bites the dust LOL

    Now….just get them ALL to ‘git neekid!’

  9. got nutz 69 says:

    To all the women and men who Lou screwed over in the past and present the little hair ball is gone. Jane, Donna, Jennifer, Steve, Peterson, Jeff,Gloria now is your time to dance in the street and tilt your glasses. To the people who left or retired due to Lou’s micro-management rejoice the dog is gone. Mr. Balicki & Long maybe you should look at some of these people in the future to bring back what the Democratic Party was and could be. One last thing who’s paying for Lou’s Attorney, Cousin Mr. Greenwald,Sweeney, Norcross, Local Democratic Party, Camden County Party ???? Does he have a real job?????? one last thing Lou, look into manscaping,

  10. peperoney says:

    Good to see this little piggy go home!!!!

  11. Ed Pullman says:

    How did such a short subject become such a long story? That guy needs really good legal advice from my favorite attorneys,,,,, Dewy, Cheatham, & Howe LLC. Time to lawyer up Carl.

  12. new2cumberland says:

    Jannarone dumber than the door….too funny…too true.

  13. im amazed how Long thinks Lou was set up. How long has Long knew Lou he dose that to his self. Long you know the story or did lou tell you a lie. This is my under standing. I don’t know for sure but your friend has been out to Chicago and met this girl in person. He also said he was single with no children. From what I herd she confined in Lou She even gave him. $10,000. Then the relationship ended with Lou not calling her or even not answering her text’s. That when she googled his name and found out what was going on in Cumberland co. This is what I herd you would have to ask Lou is it the truth or is it here say.

  14. Really Creeped says:

    I had pretty much the same experience with Lou. We actually met twice and had many many late night conversations. This dates back to 2005. I received the same pictures actually. Shows how “special” I was.

  15. Hang 'em High says:

    An Open Comment to Carl:

    Carl from one of the MANY people in this county who was thrown under the bus by Lou Magazzu in order to further his political ambitions an insatiable ego, THANK YOU. Thank you for putting everything you have on the line to expose the dirty tricks and evil Lou used for his self-serving actions. While many of us complained bitterly, only you showed the guts to wage an unending battle against the corruption that defined Lou’s political career. You are to be commended for your efforts. I will never forget and I hope others will follow suit.

    Best Wishes,
    HEH aka Oystercracker

  16. Guess-Who says:

    Enjoy the Tune Lou:

  17. virginia says:

    I am so happy to see Lou get put out of office.I always found him to be a sleeze ball.When he started his personal attacks on Gloria Noto just because she ask to be paid the same as those who held her office before her I knew then he was only out for himself.I worked for the county many years and our union backed Lou for election and we even worked his phones only to have him stab us in the back almost as soon as he took office.I am a Dem. but vote for the person not the party.Lou forgot about the people who worked to get him in office.When will these people wake up they are not god and carma can kick butt,sooner or later you get what you have comming !

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